Spending 5000 Robux To Get 0.1% GEAR 4 and Becoming LUFFY In Fruit Battlegrounds Roblox (2023)


We spend over $5000 Robux to get the 0.1% Gear 4 TS Rubber Fruit In Roblox One Piece (Fruit Battlegrounds) and become Luffy. Fruit Battlegrounds is a new One Piece Roblox game and we become Luffy in it by getting Gear 4, his Rubber Fruit and much more!

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Okay, so in today's video we'll actually be spending over 5, 000 Robux and in one piece game called first Battleground to get the 0.1 rubber through Adcom cure for Luffy, and to do this, we're gonna have to complete a bunch of Step socks, and you guys took three steps as well, which real quick hit that like button and subscribe, so Step One is tax to get Luffy's rubber through.

So, basically we're gonna have to buy a bunch of gems and just keep spinning over and over again until we get the super rare 0.03, rubber fruit and by the way, doesn't any regular rubber fruit, because this is actually time skip movies, rubber fruit.

So, as all this time skip moves as well step two is to have to go to the Roblox cyber truck with even more Robux and actually dress up and look like Luffy.

Next up, Rock's gonna have to grind a ton.

Taxi unlock all other fruits moves, including the gear 4 transformation, all of those moves.

And finally, once we fully have gear 4 and all that good stuff, we have to actually destroy everybody using power of gear 4, or we really, even as you guys can see.

Ts rubber is a legendary fruit and it's only 0.07 because right now the event where all legendary Foods actually with two times chance to respond, though, and we should go foreign by the way we don't need a regular rubber fruit, which is just seven percent reacting the TF one foreign.

Ladies and gentlemen, we just got another epic with 0.5, flamethrows yeah or look once again, it's looking very, very good.

Before we go a gravity.

Fruit pour fruit and a flame fruit foreign though it's fine, let's just go, get some Robux 9 000 gems for almost 1 600 Robux was actually yeah pretty expensive, though yeah, and if it's Google, let's just spin model, rocks they own our 100 spin pity so yeah.

Here we go.

Let's see what will the game give us and bruh bomb dude? It's fine.

We still have 10 000 gems, which is yeah once again, a ton of gems.

So let's continue spinning.

Oh, we got another epic another claim for so so far.

Two flame Foods in this video got the light fruit.

Ladies and gentlemen, look at this.

This thing actually looks pretty sick, so yeah within, like just like 20 years, been he's already gone.

Two whole epic fruits foreign.

So hopefully, this game also gives us TS rubber, pretty soon foreign, pretty close to each other, so yeah, I, honestly, don't even know.

What's going on nah man, this is yeah.

This has to be free.

Another epic within the past, 89 spins, we've, probably gotten more epic Foods than rare Foods here, is a 100 spin pity and yeah.

Of course, no good food.

We just got the ice fruit, which is yeah 1.75, so foreign Robux pack again thank you and once again we are on our 100 fruits.

With pity meeting we're gonna be guaranteed to get some sort of really good and rare fruit.

So here you go.

Please give me TS Rubber and oh Paul from notepad pretty good, but unfortunately it's not what we need.

Also we actually do have to buy even more gems.

He has videos already in super duper.

Expensive, though I'm fine with doing it for you guys so yeah go buy even more gems and not spin.

We're back at our 100's been pity.

So hopefully, this game actually gives us something good this time, because every other time it's giving us the bomb through and yeah.

Once again, Andrew wanted to spend pity again so yeah this time.

Let's see is the game gonna be nice and oh Maga fruit, one of the rarest oh and yeah.

This actually is the red staff Cruise, so yeah definitely a really rare and cool fruit, but it's not the TS rubber fruit foreign.

We do have some Roblox despair.

We might as well get this one as well.

So let's wear this one for now, but once we actually unlock gear 4 and all that good stuff we'll put on the other one as well always the rocks in the game.

Man is looking pretty nice and real, quick, huge out to fire brain GS, because he actually gave me his account.

He actually got the TS Robin through so shout out to him, though he actually did not to the moves for me now.

She tried to the moves right over here in bother you level 14, so we go jet pistol and he will chat, pistol and oh bro.

That's actually sick, we literally teleport and just yeah slam on an oh.

No, it doesn't matter Phoenix, oh no I'm, not a bro chill Bros I was a joke.

I was joking.

It was just a tattoo again and such a jet Gatling through jack Galion, oh yo, Jack outling, is sick and look at that damage.

Though yeah okay, yeah we uh kind of died.

It's actually beat these dudes up and oh, no, oh, no wait! Who is this? This is another rubber juice or something nevermind he's actually using Roku chicken.

Getting that nice 30 damage to go, chat, dally and let's just beat this man up and after this dude said, go beat those you know two dudes of their fighting.

That question is wonderful.

This dude is almost dead and okay, we'll go one rejected, so should do the trick there.

We go jet pistol and if we go a few m1s, maybe three and he is dead and I've got six from the Bounty.

Oh, it's actually another dude right here.

Why are you running? Why are you running there? We go got him with chapter so bro jet pistol is so good to get Runners and go check out and bro the range very, very nice, and oh no till we get his next move, which is actually called Red, Hulk level up and there we go level 24.

We do have a new move, says new skill, Red Hulk.

Let's try this boy yo red, oh just hold it down, and oh damn, bro.

Okay, that's actually super sick, there's! Actually a ton of people here, fighting including a magnum user and a quick dude.

So let's beat these dudes all of an old.

It's actually Phoenix use as well.

So you go jet Gatling I know what right was Jack Allen.

You actually do quick, M1, combo and okay, never mind.

Let's do just uh, yeah kind of beat me up and oh no yeah he's actually doing I'm gonna call me she'll, go check out Ling on him and please check out and work I mean not checking Japanese bro.

That Magnum is doing too much damage to go.

Red Hawk and there we go, you should maybe be dead and nope one kill already you go.

Let's get this magma as well.

There we go take that bro and quick red hole.

Foreign of course, he's gonna try running through which episode again and yeah Jeff pistol is super overpowered and to go.

Yep just beat him up with the Red Hulk Sasha's got this gravity user right here there we go.

Take that gravity user and go chat.

Catling is so good that damned an insane and yup Red, Hulk and Adobe right over here.

So you know, let's show him, who is the real Luffy to go? Get him with chat, pistol nice right into Jack Gatling, we'll go with Jack Allen doing some nice nice damage and Ray of this little Quick Red Hawk cause.

You know why not some nice damage and one more jet pistol still the trick and then we'll go with that as well, and just almost around half HP and okay I'm kind of scared of those two right there, they might kind of you know, interfere and ruin the souls.

You go.

Another chat, pistol into Jack, galling again vote.

Why don't you guys learn I'm literally gonna.

Do a Jack Allen right after Jefferson, School and red hawk as well, and there we go.

You shouldn't be dead.

Maybe after and yeah there we go, he is dead.

I think that's enough, killing people for now.

So this is a level up our fruit till we have Grizzly Magnum, which is actually our next move and there we go we're finally, level 42.

We have a new move, Grizzly, Magnum and yep.

It's actually been growing, it's all manually, a Grizzly Magnum, let's hold it down and oh look at this.

You go three two one Let It Go and damn bro the last one to the right here.

Should we go? Let's get him and owner? Oh no yeah! This dude definitely has Roku cheeky, or that might be your second I'm, not sure the Hugo chat pistol to go nice, I'm gonna.

Definitely here go come, come Gatling over chat, gallon, whatever you guys want to call it and then Red Hulk right after into another chapter, so no one a quick, Grizzly, Magnum shooting trick and there we go and wait what Grizzly Magnum doesn't block Creek, that's actually um, pretty weird I thought it would actually block break.

That's fine, you go then one more jet pistol and there we go.

He is dead.

There's no one I feel like it's probably gonna third parties.

Later they will Grizzly Magnum and pro.

Why does Grizzly Magnum know? Block Rick I literally, don't understand that there go.

Then you die.

Oh he's a party yeah, okay, you gotta, be careful.

This man is a boy he's gonna, be very, very careful because yeah Paul can do some nice damage if you're, not careful, Hugo chat, pistol again and no no yeah bro chill.

Oh no man who is Manchester, absolutely destroying me with a little combo, Red Hawk as well and with jet pistol and oh so that tree clashed up so or that she wasn't there.

He probably would have lost this guy, though there go and grizzly Magnum.

As well and the role he is dead, it's actually a whole war going on here.

So look at that.

It's a gravity, user of Magnus, so many dudes.

Here, though, let's beat all of these dudes up people and okay is doing way too much damage.

Nevermind he's actually damage, though we're back and better than ever the vote.

Let's get that kill then go one kill destroy that kill.

It's actually some people over here and oh it's, a flame user and versus that's um yeah.

Let's get these dudes you with Jack Gatling, one of them uh Nona yeah, that Paul user is trying to interfere, those who will kill one of them and he will Redhawk on the Paw user, nice and put jack pistol as well then go.

Let's finish: move with Grizzly, Magnum and yeah so actually ended up spending a few more hours grinding this through these vaccinated level, 160 for all of the gear, 4 Moves, so anyways Hugo is transform gear.

Four get ready, guys and look at this is looking sick and whoa gear.

Four bounce man or Batman images.

Uh, you know raise my volume.

A little first move is Kong guns.

You go.

You go one more time, Kong gun! Look at this and yo just like that.

Next up, we've got whole ring, so you go covering and look at this.

So wherever my cursor goes, the thing actually goes and look at that I love.

How can I use recoils back into your arm by the way I can actually keep it stuck on one person if I like as well so look at that.

Just stays on him keeps doing that much damage and just it knocks him away so yeah Hong Gatling and oh bro.

This is sick.

Look at Kong Gatling! This is actually really really nice and I'm sure there's also a flight.

If we just you know, hold on gun, so yeah there's.

Definitely a flight yeah corn gun is, you know, basically a flight.

Actually it doesn't play if you hold it down so yeah.

It's also pretty useful or it's time for the final move, the ultimate move.

Rager you go: King Kong, gun, I'm, pretty sure yep, the longer we hold down the bigger gets.

You go.

Three two ones: Let It Go and oh, that's- actually destroy everyone's Hugo as enter gear.

For this two right over here and yeah.

These dudes have no clue what is coming through.

Corn gun, covering as well right on Google is doing some very, very nice damage so but yeah you can not run from an una because Isis thinks he can run from me and if we go, let's get him with Kong gun and boom Kong Gatling as well yeah Kong three damage per hit: that's actually super op and yeah.

That dude is dead as well.

You can go North, King, Kong, gun, Let, It, Go and I'm sure that I did a ton of damage through now we're getting, covering and or they're gonna be dead.

With this nope they're, not though yup they're trying to run of course, they're trying to run out of the boat yep, you can't run for me Gatling as well and yeah.

We just shredded them bro and go no way.

We just got seven thousand Bounce from bro, hear the oral has to fly over to them, and that's two people here so Hugo.

Let's use King Kong gun on both of them and we'll charge this boy up and let it go and damn bro wake user as well and we'll get that dude.

First and okay, one said: I'll just move her cold ring of dirt, though Colby is such a good move for your team fight.

So there we go get both these dudes with our Gatling iron on them should be dead.

Yet one is dead.

Rafters with corn gun onto him boom a triple kill that coconut.

This would be weird King, Kong gun and another kill.


This fruit is way too good, no way.

Okay, they really think they continue on me.

It's fine, King, Kong gun was made for moments like these through King Kong gun got one picture that definitely hit yup.

It definitely hit and you go get him with the Gatling.

Okay, of course, gallon decided to Mystic, but yeah now you're running, of course, now you're running, but it's too late, Phoenix user you're dead as well, while riding through culvery, is actually oh coloring tracks.

We use to pull me with Words, which is uh.

You know pretty good.

You know and pretty useful you go.

Kong he's definitely dead after this Gatling to go with another kill, wait, never mind see.

Can we sniper with call me I'm, pretty sure we might be able to? And oh yes, Mantra no way bro, we really just sniped them out anyway.

So that's gonna, be it for this video hope.

You guys enjoyed the game so so much for watching Drop, Like and sub and see you guys in the next video.

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