Rapture Alerts + Trials & Tribulation (2023)


hey guys i hope youre doing well and have Jesus with you today. there is an approaching tribulation that many do not believe in. there are also many different trials and tribulations that we are all facing right now. lets continue to put our faith in Jesus and He will see us through everything. love you, look up bc the time is now !


Luke 21:36 ESV / 14 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
But stay awake at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are going to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.”

Luke 21:22 ESV / 10 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful
For these are days of vengeance, to fulfill all that is written.

Matthew 27:52 ESV / 10 helpful votes
The tombs also were opened. And many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised,

Matthew 24:40-42 ESV / 10 helpful votes
Then two men will be in the field; one will be taken and one left. Two women will be grinding at the mill; one will be taken and one left. Therefore, stay awake, for you do not know on what day your Lord is coming.

Matthew 24:13 ESV / 10 helpful votes
But the one who endures to the end will be saved.

Isaiah 13:13 ESV / 10 helpful votes
Therefore I will make the heavens tremble, and the earth will be shaken out of its place, at the wrath of the Lord of hosts in the day of his fierce anger.
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Hey guys welcome back to the channel, my name is Sean.

If you're just tuning in this is just a guy talking about Jesus.

That's all I do over.

Here is brag on the Lord and I'm watching and waiting for him to return I, don't care what anybody says, I believe in a pre-tribulation Rapture.

That's what we talk about over here.

It's what we focus on I've got some really good verses today, guys about well, the approaching tribulation I mean tribulation can be the approaching tribulation.

That's coming right, but it can also mean trials and tribulations that we're going through now, so I definitely know I'm, not the only one struggling and being attacked- and you know I'm physically and mentally exhausted.

Right now, I, don't know if you're going through that um, sometimes I take more time off.

Camera to you know, help others do Bible studies and make sure my stuff is in order and I'm right before I come out here and say anything.

So maybe you don't get a video from me every day.

Sometimes I do have to rest.

You know looking at emails and and different things like that.

So I do have a family I.

Do you know I am a human being, so I appreciate you worrying about me.

I appreciate you praying for me, but time is, like times are relevant now you guys have got to know how close we are.

I can't there's not really a way to another way to say that like the tribulation is coming, but the Rapture is coming before that right.

So maybe I'm still on here trying to talk to my meat and potato people and and feed you verses and and get you fed and stuff like that, and do this you know self uh, uh or Bible study here and positive self-talk and encouragement and everything that we do over here, but guys it doesn't change the fact that things are really bad.

Things are, in fact, even getting worse as I sit here and and talk to you, so you got a bunch of problems at the border.

You know title 42's been over for a couple days now, it's like that's the tip of the iceberg.

You know what I mean: there's all kind of military activity going on up I've seen an article the other day like 800 Rockets fired.

It is real or something like that within three hours.

You know something like that a few days ago, so holy lands being attacked, I mean the signs are.

The signs are definitely there, but it's like it's almost to me like that.

These people really still believe deep.

Deep down that he's not coming.

Do they really believe that Jesus is not coming? Do people watching this still think I'm out here for my health I'm? Not it's on days like today that I feel like this is the last video I wish that I really wish that it would be sooner or later he's going to come he's going to make things right, we're just not there yet.

So we have all of these tribulations before we get to the tribulation.

Maybe that's my message for today.

So listen to some of these verses right here, Luke 21, 36, think about if you're not saved right.

Now you just think I'm, some crazy person out here still just yakking.

You know Scott thinks he's a YouTuber he's gotta come out here and you know crack on our government bust on our government.

I mean- and you know, sit up here and look in the clouds or whatever listen man I'm not out here for my health I'm not out here because I like how I look on the camera.

In fact, I can't stand it.

You know what I'm saying if you want me to be honest, but there's still work to do and Jesus says Jesus specifically says occupy until I.

Come you know what I'm saying so we can't get it.

We can't get stagnant and be like.

Oh well, you know lucky kid getting out of the bed in the morning come on get up and go to school.

Oh I'm, tired and all this don't touch me and all this type of stuff.

Maybe that's us right now.

Maybe some Christians are feeling like that.

I know, I get frustrated.

Do you think for a second you mean just because you think you get saved and you believe the gospel and you break down and believe me on here.

Another Watchman or watch woman, or whatever it is, and you're like, oh man, I gotta, get saved I.

Believe them.

Do you think that means you're not going to sin? No, it means you're going to be attacked.

More you're, gonna you're gonna be susceptible to a lot more attacks and enemies coming after you, but these trials and tribulations are going through before the real tribulation.

That is, that is coming I'm telling you it's coming.

The Rapture is the next thing to happen on the timeline, we're going to be harpazzo out of here and snatched away.

The next thing to happen on the timeline after that is the Antichrist comes to power and for three and a half years you know half it's exactly halfway through that seven year, peace treaty that uh Israel signs three and a half years.

Yeah things seem okay, but Watch, What, Happens, exactly that three and a half year marker and the tribulation kicks off.

Revelation is going to come to life, it's going to jump off the pages and it is going to manifest it's it's going to happen.

Let me give you a verse that would back that up.

Um Luke, 21 22, for these are days of Vengeance to fulfill all that is written.

So if it's written what I just said about the tribulation- and you know you're going through trials and tribulations now- and it's written I- don't have the Bible out here today, because I got some I got some quick notes here.

Right I got that I got the note the little cheat sheet here.

That's okay! This is the word.

This is the scriptures, for these are days of Vengeance to fulfill.

All that is written.

It's gonna happen.

You have to mentally prepare.

You have to spiritually prepare.

You have to understand what I'm saying it's look I'm sitting here, telling you I struggle all the time.

You're gonna have worry.

You're gonna have some some doubts and some disbeliefs you're gonna you're going to struggle, but it's okay because he tells us that's what's gonna happen.

This is the narrow path for a reason right, so don't get too down and discourage right now of everything that's going on with the news and the economy, and you know the the what am I trying to say here: they're continuing to usher in a new world order.

Things are still being set up for the tribulation and and they're going to continue like that.

But you have a choice and you have a responsibility.

Just like me.

That's why I'm out here giving you a view like I always do and talking to you I try to talk to you as soft as I can and as nice as I can, but some of the stuff look at look at what I'm telling you Matthew 27 52.

The tombs also were open and many bodies of the Saints who had fallen asleep were raised so look at these verses and then go back to Luke 21 22 I just gave you, for these are days of Vengeance, comma to fulfill.

All that is written.

This is going to be fulfilled, I'm, not a crazy person.

Many people, many people, think that I am.

They always have.

My entire life but I'm here to tell you I'm a regular Florida, Country, Boy I, listen to what he says: I have the Holy Spirit with me.

It does not mean I'm, perfect I'm, not passing an offering plate around on here or slapping you in the head, like Benny, Hinn and I got my ushers, cart, Wheeling down the aisles with tambourines.

You know: hey, there's, nothing! Listen! No! We're not doing any of that! Pentecostal Catholicism! None of that over here.

All we're doing is we're speaking to meat eaters.

We're trying to lift each other up like scripture, says and and be ever ready and watch and wait for him.

So there there there's going to be tests, there's going to be trials.

There are tribulations going on right now you have to see it.

Look at the murders, look at the lawlessness and the chaos and just the general just the overall hate, just the overall systemic hate in this world in this planet.

Listen to me and hear me today.

It doesn't have to be like that.

You don't you you don't have to make that choice.

You you have free will, instilled in you, you're a transgender person watching this open the scriptures up and get honest with yourself about what he says about it being an abomination and then also look at what I'm saying: he'll.

Forgive you I'm saved and I and I still mess up I'm literally on here telling you of being a Christian does not mean you're, perfect or better than somebody or my son.

One of my sins is you know less than yours.

It doesn't mean that you could be a murderer.

You could be transgender, you could be I mean I mean pick.

It could be somebody that steals.

You know a kleptomaniac or listen.

You could be anybody.

You can easily come to Jesus.

Listen to this.

If this doesn't scare you I, don't know what will Isaiah 13 13.

Therefore I will make the heavens tremble and the Earth will be shaken out of its place at the Wrath of the Lord of hosts and the day of his Fierce anger.

I, don't want anything to do with that and I'm not I'm, not really afraid of anything.

You know what I mean I Fear, God I fear my king I fear the lord and Jesus I really really do it's a it's a healthy fear, but man look who you're talking about these are excellent scriptures, listen to this Matthew 24 40-42! Then two men will be in the field and one will be taken and one left two two women will be grinding at the Mill.

One will be taken and one left therefore stay awake for you do not know on what day your lord is coming.

We don't know it could be right now it could be a week from now it could be a year from now, but I I highly doubt that I'm gonna set these down.

I highly highly doubt we're here next year.

But again, what do I know? Look how mysterious the Lord is.

No man know what the time or the hour and we can just stop there.

You know nobody knows that except God I'm not on here predicting dates or you know, throwing darts at a dart board with dates or anything like that very specific and very open and honest about what it is.

I'm out here trying to accomplish and I try to reach at least one person a day.

It could be a child, it could be a fully grown adult.

It could be somebody, that's elderly somebody, that's been saved and backslidden or way over here and has no idea who Jesus is, but you do know who he is all of us know who the source is it's just a matter of maybe getting honest with yourself, especially right now.

Look in my eyes.

Listen to my voice, I'm, not yelling at you, I'm not pointing a finger.


Surely not hollering at you, I'm, just not built like that.

All my anger, all my fight, all my all! That's gone all those sins.

All the past I mean I.

Want you to feel like maybe you're looking in a mirror right now, I know.

I know you probably don't have a beard if you're a lady- or you know maybe you're the bearded lady at the circus or something you know, there's a little tiny joke there today.

I want you to see what I'm saying is.

Here's a human being.

I have sinned.

For you know.

Here's a here's, a verse, it's like if something gets in your head, like that, you're like how could I be saved.

How could I possibly do that all have sinned and come and come short of the glory of God I fall short every day.

Do you know how hard that is to sit here and tell somebody you have no idea who's watching this come you know just just keep sharing and sharing.

Well, that's what I signed up for is to let you look at me and see.

Here's somebody that consistently says: hey man I made all these mistakes back here and I know: I'm a good person and I know, I'm saved, remember, Satan and the enemy will will constantly try you with.

Are you really saved with that attack? Let me be clear on that, but you have to counter that with scripture encounter what I tell you and say Satan get behind me in Jesus name: I command, you amen, Flee! For me, you have no power over me, get away from my family.

You can't hold my past over me anymore.

These things are transpiring they're happening.

If you haven't looked up in your sky at night, man I'm here to tell you I'm, not even heavy, into astronomy.

Looking at you know what I mean is memorizing.

You know constellations and things like that.

I'm, not talking about tarot cards and astronomy and I'm.

Definitely not into that.

What's your sign, you know, what's your sign, let me read you.

Let me read your palms.

Listen I already did a video long ago, and you know beware of psychics and mediums and all that type of stuff, so not trying to bunny trail it.

But that's not what that's not what's going on.

What I'm saying is is take a look outside and remember like Luke, 21, 28.

and look up.

You know, did I put one on here today.

No I didn't know that, but I know Luke 21 28 is there.

What I'm saying is these stars are very very bright where I'm at and they didn't used to be like that I've noticed it gradually changed here recently, they're very bright I mean could just marvel at the greatest artists to ever exist.

I can't draw to save my life I'm, pretty good, with music I'm, pretty good with bars and measures, and you know four fours and some lyrics, and you know some engineering mixing mastering producing whatever things like that, but as far as drawing like you, you could probably get me in hangman or something like that.

I'd be like here's, my guy here's, my stick figure I'm, that guy so I'm.

Looking out I'm looking at these things and I'm like man, the stars in particular, they really they.

Actually they look different.

It's noticeable.

Let me use that word right there.

It's uh significant change.

So let me take a sip of water here, guys he's coming he's coming.

You know what I mean you got to take care of your families right now.

You definitely have to accept Christ into your heart.

If you're not saved, listen to what it is, I'm telling you there are terrible things coming in Revelation.

So if you have a seven year tribulation that Antichrist when we're gone, he steps in I'm telling you and he he explains everything away, and he you know he calls fire down.

He says: that's not that's not the Lord I'm, the true Messiah.

Let me explain all this away what he did these people here believe, but they can't see the force for the trees.

It's the peace and Safety and Security up front to three and a half years, and then right here the Antichrist breaks that treaty and that tribulation starts.

Nobody believes me and I love, it I know, I know some of you guys do mostly most of you uh.

You guys do I'm, not saying nobody, but you know what I mean.

You know how it is with.

You have people in your family.

You have naysayers, you, you Clash.

We have a yeah people that that simply don't believe, but then you have others that believe, but they're just they're just shying away from it a little bit.

Excuse me it's very hard to imagine some of the things that we talk about some of the things we see on the internet a lot of the things that are manifesting in scripture.

Is it not it's, it's very difficult to digest, but still think about what's coming and if you're that person that is I just don't know we'll, do the math pause right here and go back and do all the math and go fact check me and go go fact check some of these.

Some of these other Watchmen, some of these other watch women and and tell me, and we all collectively crazy or is the Lord about to return any moment and take us home and leave the enemies here and finally show the enemy once and for all.

All of the things that we have endured show the enemy his Wrath.

So let a tribulation come is what I say today, let more let it come in the future, the tribulation and let more trials and tribulations come your way right now.

Welcome them! Consider it all joy right! Isn't that what he says how about Romans 8 28 right here? Don't all things work together for the good I'm telling you I wish you could feel it out here right now, yeah, that's like I'm, getting a hug from the spirit I mean the Breeze! Is picking up Yeshua jehosha will y'all went.

Please forgive me of all my sons and cleanse me and wash me father today.

Please raise me back up You Raise Me Up once from the dead father.

Please raise me back up right now and I pray over this channel I pray right now over my family, my children, all my Watchers, all my listeners, every single thing that they're going through right now, Jesus I pray in your name that you make your presence be known right now in this video that whoever's watching that needs you Jesus.

That needs to hear my voice that needs to see another sinner come forward and tell them it's.

Okay, it's okay! That you're real! That you really did.

You really did conquer death father.

You really are coming again.

This is really happening.

All of these things are happening because you're real or to ask right now that you protect, and you bless anybody and everybody that sees this video father I pray that your presence be known right now, I pray that your presence be known in their lives, I pray that you reach out and you touch each individual heart.

That's listening and praying with me right now: Jesus I, pray that I pray and I.

Ask that that you seek out their heart and the desires of their heart father when they knock and you give it to them, you get you give them the money.

You take care of the financial side, I pray that you take care of the the spiritual side and the emotional side, anything and everything that's going on with the family that they need Jesus.

That's what I'm asking here for today, I acknowledge you I, acknowledge you that that you're, the true Messiah you're, the true son of man, also acknowledge I, know that you're coming soon Jesus.

None of us know the day or the time or the hour, but I know you're.

Here now and I know, you're coming and I choose to believe.

Thank you for dying on the cross.

For my sins, thank you for all of the blessings and the tools that you give to me.

Thank you for this community.

Thank you for breathing life back into me.


Thank you for bringing me out here every single time.

I don't want to come out here, father, because I can't walk good, because I hurt Jesus, I pray in Jesus, name that you bless every single person still watching and listening to this, that they have a great day.

They have a great week that you lift them up, that their attitude and their Spirit changes and they become a lion that they're no longer a worm in the dust that they can see.

Somebody else is right here with them and praying for them.


That's what I pray for today.

Thank you for everything you've ever done for me, Jesus, please, please take us home soon, father and let your will be done and your holy and precious name, I, pray today and ask these things.

Amen only takes a couple of minutes.

You know what I mean I don't know if you're like me, when I open my eyes and I come back I'm like.

Ah, where am I it takes me.

It takes me a second to you know to come back.

Let me do this.

We've been sitting here for a minute that was pretty good prayer I, really like that I'm gonna ride you guys over here and probably gonna, say farewell here in a moment.

I hope, I, hope you didn't get offended by anything.

I said I hope, I, didn't step on any Toes or break any eggs, or anything like that.

I'm I'm, really a nice guy, I'm, a regular nice guy.

That's what I'm trying to say, I'm, not trying to offend anybody, but time time's out time's.

Over with it's been like that things are things are getting a lot worse day by day and minute by minute and I? Don't want you to get too wrapped up in the news.

I, don't really see a point to bring a lot of Articles out here today.

I just wanted to focus on that tribulation coming a little bit more warning right here.

You know, and a little bit of Hope and encouragement for the current trials and tribulations.

We have going on believe what I believe and you're saved.

We are almost out of here.

I'm fired up I'm pumped up I'm.

Here, don't worry about me.

Send me emails.

Do whatever you want to do we're in this together, I'm, not the only one that believes this and I know that to be true, you're gonna have what you need today, turn to them and crawl to them.

If you have to on your belly, like I, do and go back for forgiveness and say man I'm, sorry, man I knew better.

The father is getting on me right now, I'm worrying a little bit.

If that's you, you got a little bit of that and we're humans.

Look at this flesh.

You gotta gotta, just keep dying to yourself every day.

Just keep just keep crushing it crush it into submission.

Pick your cross up and crawl back to them and watch what he does watch what he does.

You know what I mean.

I can't tell you how much I love and miss you and care about you.

I'm going to go ahead and get out of here, I'm gonna upload this video and you keep looking up and we'll see you up top.

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