i unlocked EVERYTHING in NEW King Legacy Update (2023)


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King Legacy King Regency just came out with a brand new update, um update, 4.61 I.

Don't know why it's number like that, but I'm also bad at Matt.

So you know your boy had to hop back on King Legacy and try out everything.

That's a part of the update, but I'm not gonna, be doing it alone.

The famous or dare I, say Infamous admin.

Exile is gonna, be joining us he's gonna be using some admin commands to uh help us out a little bit and show us some things that have never been seen before.

I, don't know you guys gotta watch the whole thing to find out like every video I ever did with an admin.

It's gonna be epic code in you, no I meant, let's get into it all right, where's.

The update Exile, where are you bro show me show me around bro.

Give me a tour.

Just tell me which way to go.

I want to go to the New Island.

All right boys can't Legacy admin is going to be joining us.

There are new codes for what 20 gem codes updates: 4.6, yay, okay, okay, okay update! What is it 4.6 yay success, 20 gems, what else we got one male likes: oh we're getting Bearer gems out here: okay, 40 gems, let's get the uh, let's get the new fruit.

Ah, here it is here's the gotcha! Yes, oh, wait! I could spend fruits with money.

Oh come on, that's not a new fruit.

Is it guys can y'all? Let me know what the new fruit is: gold, what they put the that's the one from um from film gold Right, the dude with King Midas, everything he touches turned to go: yo Exile, my boy floresco! That's the guy's name that guy was sick; I'm, not a fan of the one piece movies.

Personally, the last one I watched yo, nah, dude nah man.

What the hell is he flexing? Oh, he can't hit me oh I'm, in the safe Zone buddy.

You can't hurt me anymore.

How do you I hate Exile? That is not okay.

Cyber bullying is not okay, arrest, this man.

Ah all right.

Let's try that again: Exile yeah yeah Exile! What's good baby yo here you want to spend some gotcha with me bro.

Let's try to get this gold.

Is there a way to skip, wait, there's a fast spin.

Isn't there yuck power change the gold gold guys? My luck is just that good.

What can I say? Look yo, imagine not pulling gold from the gacha Bro! Imagine being such a noob can't be me couldn't be me no I'm just playing your respect, Exile thanks for hooking it up brother, all right.

Let's try! All these moves! First, ever gold to Showcase and get foreign Powers one day, bro you're gonna be exiled from the game, get it Exile, because his name is yeah dude, I'm, smart, all right, I'm, a I'm gonna! Try this out on exile.

Here, okay, we're gonna we're gonna go with the first ever showcase.

What's the first move, brilliant shaktu? Oh, oh, look at it! Damn I'm holding a gold coin! Oh PVP is the same all right.

Barely a shuttle that took half his health yo I'm that guy one million punch.

That's not like a one punch, man move geez! You got bodied Exile, you suck golden Roar, chill I, have low HP, yeah, also low skill, Noob all right chain of fate.

Yo, that's sick! That thing got range.

That's dope! I like that all right, the last one Golden City this better blow me away.

Let's zoom out I'm ready for this.

This better be huge, I, better see a whole city pop up, damn damn yo his shoes, every enemy in the middle.

Oh, that is so cool bro you just you just summon this and everything and everything gets caught in the middle.

It's like Tower Defense and can I use my other attacks while I'm doing it.

Oh, oh whoa, whoa I, didn't see that I didn't see the fist coming from the ground.

This is the first ever Showcase of update.

4.61 golden know me I love this uh Golden City I love it yo um.

So where is the dealer where's? The black market dealer I'll.

Take me there take me to the black market, so Allosaurus barrier bomb, Brachiosaurus, Buddha, dark, dough, there's gold, it's an epic Rarity 2000 Robux! So it's actually not the most expensive one, because the dragon is 3250 Robux all right, y'all take us uh Exile, take us to the new island, sir.

The infamous Bridge there's green bit: yeah, okay, okay! This is the new island.

This is green bit green zone.

What is it called in King Legacy, King Legacy? What do you call it? Let me move over here, Fiore see, and then it's still called it's still part of Fiore Fiore, and then we have a battle pass.

Show me where to find the battle pass, all the way to the right.

Oh there it is Battle pass, hey unlock for 1500 Roblox bet.

I will support the game Exile.

You may thank me for my generosity.

Thank you.

Okay, what do we got here? We got Gold Gems, rare fruits, more gold, epic material gems.

Oh you got equipment, traveler's, hat rare material, epic, fruit, golden shoulder; okay, there's a there's, a whole lot of gems and gold.

You got a straw, helmet straw, helmet, oh that's the one that Luffy was wearing and he rate his mask whoa.

What the hell we're going on warp, speed, cyborg, goggles Crimson! Are these all new items or are they old items recycled and at level 50? You got the night cap an ancient sword.

These are all new items.

Y'all drop like 20 new items for this respect, dude, respect, yo, so, okay check this out.

We got the gold we went to the we went to floret, so we got the cyborg race and also a new sword.

I believe is that is that correct Exile? What battle pass level am I now zero yeah there are two new weapons show it to me.

You don't have to give it to me.

You you've, given me enough, you don't have to I'm, not gonna complain if you do, but at least show me dude.

This guy got a Kimball pistols.

Okay, yeah! You gotta, give those to me bro! Please give those to me no YouTuber showcased it.

Okay, showcase it showcase.

It show me that is so sick Bro! You got animation on the pistols yo.

We need that.

We need that.

We needed that.

Well, this is Phoenix blade, V2, wait what this is Phoenix blade.

Those are clearly guns: okay, that's an old rusty! Looking sword! Oh look he's charging it up.

Shush! Damn talk to him yo! This looked like a legit RPG bro, this guy's summoning Buffs.

Oh that's dope! That is dope.

What are the moves called you I would not have expected that from this crusty looking sword, yo hold on hold on hold on hold on what sword was that uh gray thrust and Life Shield? Okay? So he got the engine Sword and the shield all right next show us the next sword.

I can't sneak it all.

Ah, okay, I see how it is.

I, see you all right.

What else can you sneak? Show us everything you're allowed to gotta, keep them curious, I, respect that I respect it I, like the uh, damn I, blinked I, missed it yo chill.

Oh that's cyborg! He got the cyborg look.

He's got a little box floating around beside him.

Okay, that's cyborg! What is that? What the hell even is that yo look at that they gave this guy over time to work on all this VFX bro excellent work, brother, yo, okay, all right all! Right now we're just showing off.

Let me let you let me get a closer look at this thing.

Guys look! It's Wally! We had our VFX script or do this one? Oh, you didn't even work on this Exile I.

Take back all the compliments.

I gave you I, take it all back! You get no compliments! Okay, we got the cyborg fighting style guys.

It took a lot of hard work.

Dedication, perseverance grind, but we finally unlocked cyborg.

Let's go ahead and uh.

This is the first ever showcase on YouTube.

You heard it here.

First, everybody King Legacy, so iron boxing.

What the what the hell? What happened to my arms? Oh wait! Oh awaken! Oh I, gotta, awaken it yeah guys, uh after another hard round of grinding, we finally awaken our cyborg race.

It was not easy.

I'll say that, but it was worth it.

I would think.

Let's try it on these NPCs these stupid skeletons acceleration pulse.

You don't have the a box yeah you gotta reset! Oh, give me the Box give me the box like Roddy Rich, where's, my box.

Oh there it is yay.

We got our little robot pen with us.

That's dope, that's dope.

So in King, oh look at the M1.

It's like a cybernetic sword being swung by the little robot ghost look me running, looks like I'm holding an invisible baby, okay, uh destruction, beam.

We tried this already.

It's a mini gun, I'm about to die.

I'm about to die.

Okay tactic switch.

What the oh, you can switch to a ranged attack with this little ghost that is sick.

Look I just hit a move from this from the safety over here.

How did I die, how the hell did I die, hold down Z.

Ah, a there.

You go okay at last Advanced repair.

The hell is that do I, heal myself.

Oh it's! A healing ability.

Okay hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me hit me.

Stop healing me, bro! Stop healing no I wanna try to move Exile bro.

How could you all right there we go? Thank you.

Advanced repair, keep going! No you ruined it! Okay, I love! This move! Oh every time, I use it I lose Health as well.

Okay, so, probably best! That's why I died earlier, probably best to not use it too often cyborg V2, hell yeah man.

So my next question Exile is: how do you level up your battle? Pass you level up it up by doing daily, quests, all right where my quest at track, Quest and killing Sea, King, Hydra and Ghost Ship.

Okay, okay, show me a quest that I can do come here.

Okay, I shall follow you.

Okay, follow bro, you got the Life Fruit, that's not fair man! Oh okay, yo! Look at this dude.

Who is this crib in the trench? Coat levio? Oh I mean I.

Let those feathers flew away levio.

Are they bro? It's got a wizard from Harry Potter when guardian levio reach the sky.

Help me get those back except.

Thank you.

Get three floating feather from the sky.

Bro I, don't see anything in the sky.

Oh hey, I'll, press e to claim! Oh okay, okay got it.

Yes, bro you've got to be joking.

Yes, all right, I got two, did I, get it? No! Yes, let's go.

Whoop did I just gank 22 levels from that from picking up feathers yo.

Let me run that again bro.

What do you mean uh 20 hours, wait.

So what what battle pass level am I now I am now level three give me my rare fruit.

What was it spinal? Let's go? Okay, so you don't have to buy the battle pass to get the free rewards.

But if you want to buy the battle pass, you get additional gold rewards, that's how it works.

Oh I kind of want that.

That's the that's Odin's bow accessory that looks nice, Cerulean Blossom and the night cap.

Okay, I forgot where the other daily quests are.

Oh wait.

No I, remember: yo Exile is not a Dev.

How did you sneak your way into the dev team? You know nothing about the game.

Oh here it is hey you.

These boxes need to be delivered at the Port.

Deliver a boxes deliver a boxes.

Okay, give me this box, oh god, oh I'm, slow, look, guys, I, feel like tanjiro out here, I'm gonna jump.

We take the boat okay, you drive.

Oh, no! No, no! No bro! You drive I! Don't know where to go.

Okay, yeah, yeah uh! This is the yeah.

This is definitely better hurray box, okay, this dude Captain sunken.

The thing that you are carrying must be the important package.


We have to deliver three brother.

That's a lot of boxes! Man! All right! Let's get another box! Can I get, can I not get two? Oh man, okay, yo portal, us get us over there, yeah wait! No! No! No! No! No! No wait! What happened! What happened and you haven't been I've, been a fan since I was four years old bro my Channel's like two years old.

So are you six? Now all right box number two power change the light? Wait! What no I want gold! Why? Why light floresco? Oh because of this all right, all right, uh wait hold on? No! This is over here.

Give me 20 levels: oh wait! What how come this one gives so little levels.

This one was much more difficult to do.

Where are we now we're at Battle pass level? Oh five, epic material I got I, got essence of fire, some gems and some more money, beautiful, absolutely beautiful, yo.

What you guys think about 4.6 guys, 4.61 essence of fire is used for awakening pbv2 you gotta, You, Gotta Give me the full name, I, don't know: Phoenix blade, yo um, pretty dope I, like uh I, think I.

Think I love the I love the cyborg combat fighting style like instead of it being a race.

Are there uh races here you gotta grind it.

You gotta grind for in your new series how how how much grind? How much grind are we talking about? Yes, there are races.

Of course, there are races, I'm, an angel race, all right boys.

Well, there you have it everything that we're allowed to show uh for the brand new king Legacy update, hope you did enjoy this video big shout out Exile once again for helping us with the King Legacy video I love that dude, even though he keeps on killing me can't spell Exile without a l, right am I right guys, but if you did enjoy the video don't forget to comment down below to.

Let me know smash that, like button subscribe, if you haven't already Alright you're kind of slacking, if you haven't subscribed- let's be honest: uh join the Discord server.

The link for that is in the description and also follow me on my socials.

Also in the description and I'll see you in the next one.



What is the secret code in King Legacy? ›

Working King Legacy codes

3xilescha1r - 15 Gems. Update4.6YAY - 20 Gems. 1MLikes - 10 Gems. 2BVisits - 10 Gems and 30 minutes FREE 2X EXP.

How to get free gems in King Legacy 2023? ›

Working King Legacy codes (July 2023)
  1. 3xilescha1r – 15 Gems.
  2. 1MLikes – 10 Gems.
  3. 2BVisits – 2x XP for 30 mins, 10 Gems.
  4. Update4.6YAY – 20 Gems.
  5. Thx4Waiting – Reset Stats.
  6. 2023 – 5 Gems.

What's the code in King Legacy 2023? ›

King Legacy codes (July 2023)

3xilescha1r - Redeem this code for 15 gems. 1MLikes - Redeem this code for 10 gems. 2BVisits - Redeem this code for 10 gems and 30 mins x2 xp. Update4.6YAY - Redeem this code for 20 gems.

What is the code for King Legendary? ›

Are there any King Legacy codes in Roblox (July 2023)?
2BVisitsx10 Gems & 30 minutes of x2 EXP
Thx4WaitingStat Reset
Peodiz100,000 Beli
DinoxLive100,000 Beli
3 more rows
Jul 2, 2023

Is venom good for grinding King legacy? ›

The best Devil Fruits in King Legacy are Dragon (Zoan) and Dough (Paramecia) of the Legendary Rarity, Magma (Logia), Venom (Paramecia), Snow (Logia), and Quake (Paramecia) of the Rare rarity, and Love (Paramecia) of Uncommon Rarity.

How do you get the 25 million sword in King legacy? ›

Overview. Kioru is a sword obtained by completing all of Tiger's quests after getting max level, then buying it from him for 25million Beli.

What is the best epic fruit in King legacy? ›

1) Uo Uo No Mi (Dragon)

Uo Uo No Mi or the Dragon Fruit is the best Devil Fruit in Roblox King Legacy without the doubt. It falls under the Zoan type and deals the most damage in the game.

How many gems do you need to fully awaken gravity in King legacy? ›

In total it will take 125 gems to obtain all the abilities in the awakened form.

Is acroscythe still obtainable in King legacy? ›

Overview. Acroscythe is a sword obtained in the New World by killing a Sea Beast. The drop chance of getting it from a chest after having defeated a Sea King is dependent on the rarity of the chest, with the highest rarity being tier 3. The drop rate is very low (0.072% from T1, 0.1% from T2 and 3% from T3).

How do you get cyborg in King legacy? ›

The Cyborg fighting style was the second Fighting Style introduced to the game. It is currently one of only five fighting styles. It can be bought for 1,000,000 Beli through an NPC called Half Robot located : On a hill located at the back of Shark Island, behind the huge building.

How do you get triple katana in Roblox King legacy? ›

The Triple Katana (commonly nicknamed "3SS" or Santouryuu) is a sword with two skills, as with all other swords. It can be bought at the Rocks Island (located inbetween War Island and Starter Island) for 2,500,000 Beli. Tip: Do the Ancient Artifacts quest 2 times per server to get Beli for it quicker.

Where can I get free fruit in King legacy? ›

Devil fruits will spawn every 1-2 hours under or on a tree in a random location in the map. When a devil fruit first spawns, the fruit will stay for 15 minutes before de-spawning. On top of this, even if you pick up a fruit before the de-spawn time it will leave your inventory after the 10 minutes are up.

How do I claim my King legacy code? ›

How do I use King Legacy codes?
  1. Launch King Legacy on Roblox.
  2. Click on the menu and go to settings.
  3. Copy and paste any of the working King Legacy code into the text box.
  4. Tap the use button at the bottom of the pop-up box.
5 days ago

What is the strongest Devil Fruit in King Legacy Roblox? ›

1) Uo Uo No Mi (Dragon)

Uo Uo No Mi or the Dragon Fruit is the best Devil Fruit in Roblox King Legacy without the doubt. It falls under the Zoan type and deals the most damage in the game.

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