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@article{Fadda2023ElementsOB, title={Elements of Biophilic Design Increase Visual Attention in Preschoolers}, author={Roberta Fadda and Sara Congiu and Herbert Roeyers and Tricia Skoler}, journal={Buildings}, year={2023}, url={}}
  • R. Fadda, S. Congiu, Tricia Skoler
  • Published in Buildings 27 April 2023
  • Psychology

Biophilic design increases attention among adults, but little is known about the influence of biophilic design on attention in childhood. We assessed visual attention in 4–5-year-old children as a function of high and low degrees of biophilic design. In the high-biophilic-design condition, the children saw four plants, which were placed on their desks. In the low-biophilic-design condition, the children saw no plants on their desks. The children viewed a series of abstract images on a computer…

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2 Citations

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This study examined the incorporation of biophilic elements in Duhok preschool interiors and integrated them into the Biophilic Interior Design Matrix (BID-M). This approach holds great promise for

  • PDF
Integrating User-Centered Design and Biophilic Design to Improve Biophilia and Intelligentization in Office Environments
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This study mainly explores the design of office environments from the perspective of humans with the hope to provide helpful guidance for intelligent offices and related workspace design in the future.

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Results show that learning environments with biophilic design are more effective in supporting pupils' attentional performance than conventional learning environments and, over time, strengthen the feeling of affiliation with Nature.

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Abstract: Biophilic design has received increasing attention as a design philosophy in recent years. This review paper focused on the three Biophilic design categories as proposed by Stephen Kellert

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The findings indicate that environments can enhance attention not only in the general population but also in ADHD populations, and “Doses of nature” might serve as a safe, inexpensive, widely accessible new tool in the tool kit for managing ADHD symptoms.

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The development of the Biophilic Design Matrix (BDM) was to aid designers or other specialists in identifying and quantifying biophilic features through a visual inventory of interior spaces, revealing thatBiophilic attributes were constantly present in some spaces while others were completely absent.

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The biophilic design hypothesis uses nature-based environmental design for optimising people’s health and well-being. Stephen Kellert in 2008 developed a list of biophilic attributes that was further

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This study investigates three issues concerned with psychological restoration in children, specifically whether children perceive the difference between the restorative value of a natural and a built

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Children were more distracted by the visual environment, spent more time off task, and demonstrated smaller learning gains when the walls were highly decorated than when the decorations were removed.

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The moral vision of bringing nature into city design reflects a shared understanding and collective goal beyond self-interest.

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  • PDF
Application of Virtual Environments for Biophilic Design: A Critical Review
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The literature review shows that VE is capable of supporting critical features of biophilic design studies such as representing combinations ofBiophilic patterns, providing multimodal sensory inputs, simulating stress induction tasks, and supporting required exposure time to observe biophobic patterns.

A Statistical Physics Perspective to Understand Social Visual Attention in Autism Spectrum Disorder
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Analysis of the eye-tracking data indicated that the scanpaths of children with TD and ASD were characterized by eye movements geometrically equivalent to Lévy flights, and a clustering analysis revealed a greater dispersion of eye movements for these children.

  • 14



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    Figure 2 from Elements of Biophilic Design Increase Visual Attention in Preschoolers | Semantic Scholar (2024)
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