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With home plans being as varied and daring as they are these days, it can be difficult to know what style, shape or size housethat you want. From U-shaped through to sunken bungalows that hide in hillsides, there is something for everyone and all budgets, but to really put the L into luxury, we don't think you can go wrong with L-shaped house plans.

The perfect combination of sociable living space and privacy, an L-shaped house or bungalow allows for a main body and an extra wing, making them not only a high-end installation, but adaptable for growing families. Take a look at these examples of houses, some of which even include L-shaped bedrooms), and see if you are excited by the possibility of building one yourself!

Mediterranean marvel

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When thinking about L shaped house plans, you may be picturing super modern, sleek flat roof designs and though we will come to those, why not open up your definition a little? We love this slice of the continent, from Müller Büro, that offers beautiful design, bright colours and wonderfully useable space in equal measures. That pastel blue and terracotta orange exterior is hard to miss, but the fantastic shape of the building itself should be the main attraction, with a large open plan living room and kitchen zone leading off to a bedroom wing. Wonderful!

For your own home / chalet / bungalow floor plans, feel free to contact any of our professional Architects in the UK.

Defined shapes

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A super modern incarnation of L shaped house plans, this house offers bags of style and practicality that has us yearning to dive inside for a proper look around! A fabulous two storey building, the size of the plot is being used to its full potential to include sizeable bedrooms, a large living room and this naturally enclosed terrace that is perfect for entertaining. We can't deny that we are a little bit green with envy and can imagine how wonderful it is looking out from each window to enjoy a panoramic dose of scenery.

Different strokes

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The real joy of embracing L shaped house plans is that they in no way dictate what style or size property you should have. It does not naturally follow that you have to have a single floored flat roof build, you can opt for anything you like, including a fantastic modern farmhouse style, as seen here. Using wooden cladding on both parts of the building helps to tie them together, while the extensive glazing give an impression of the luxurious finishes to be found inside. What a unique interpretation!

Imagination at work

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Imagine visiting your architect and telling them you are keen on L shaped house plans, but you wanted to do something totally different to anything else you have seen before. Now imagine looking at the plans for this spectacular home as a means of answering your brief. Amazing isn't it? Usually quite stark and boxy, the L in this example has been given curves, allowing for a far more natural exterior that is so smooth and beautiful that it is eminently tactile. It stands to reason that the interior of the is magnificent home will also make good use of the curves, allowing for a warm and welcoming ambience in every room.

Extended shape

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If you already have a home that would lend itself to an extension, perhaps you might consider one that takes inspiration from L shaped house plans. Here we can see a fabulous barn conversion style of property that has welcomed the addition of a large and impressiveconservatory on one end. Essentially adding a whole new wing to the building, this space has melded seamlessly with the rest of the house to significantly increase not only the footprint but also the appeal. We like that the extension has been kept entirely different, rather than attempting to conceal the addition through the use of similar building materials, as it makes for a very honest house.

Flat and fantastic

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Here is a wonderful example of the L shaped house plans that you were probably picturing at the beginning of this Ideabook and wasn't it worth the wait? What an incredible space that offers so much potential for personalisation and development! We love the way the front garden has become an almost self-contained area, with large glazing panels allowing residents the luxury of looking out onto lush greenery. For an extra touch of nature, a living roof would be a phenomenal addition to this house, offering insulation as well as camouflage. L really does stand for lovely in this instance!

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Large scale

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If your design and build aspirations are not on the modest side and you are keen to build big, L shaped house plans can work wonderfully well for you. With a grand budget and plot, the possibilities for creating something totally unique and grandiose are endless and as this example shows, a dynamic L shape adds a sense of high end luxury like no other design. Perfectly mirrored by the swimming pool, the angular nature of the property, combined with its sheer scale, has created something that many of us can only dream of owning.


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If the practicality of L shaped house plans appeals to you but won't quite work with your needs and available space, don't be afraid to employ a little artistic licence. We love that the design team in charge of this property have seen the inherent potential of L-shaped houses, but also adapted the generic style to fit the client's brief. By off-setting the two main living quarters, so as to maximise the plot, it has been left to the garage to complete the 'L'. Too small for a full wing or bedroom annexe, the garage block is perfect for two cars and finishes the property perfectly.

Blended beauty

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Speaking of artistic licence, this property may be utilising more of a 'J' shape than a full on 'L', but it has clearly been inspired by L shaped house plans. The building as a whole is impressive, but the use of natural cladding to help camouflage with the surroundings is a stroke of genius, as is using a curved shape to gain as much useable space as possible. The panoramic glazing adds an incredible element to the front of the house, as well as infusing the interior with a steady stream of natural light. Absolutely wonderful; we couldn't improve this property if we tried!

Small compromises

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If you love the idea of L-shaped house plans, but have no feasible way to include them in your next build, why not start small and work your way up? Up to the attic we mean! This fabulous loft conversion makes use of every available inch of space, to create one of the most perfect L-shaped bedroom ideas ever. Clever use of skylights allows the room to feel large and airy, while the wooden floor helps to bring a sense of warmth and calm. Gorgeous!

The advantages of an L-shaped house

Q-Con Home

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Wide open spaces: That’s what you get if you opt for an open-floor concept on the inside!

Indoor-outdoor harmony: The L-shaped layout enhances a seamless continuity between your home’s interiors and the outdoors – thus, better ensure your garden is all that it can be!

Unending potential: With a dynamic L-shape, your house offers you the possibilities for development and customisation. That can include to personalise your interiors, relish in some hard landscaping outside, add more amenities (like a pool or outdoor kitchen), etc.

Amazing views: It doesn’t matter if your L-shaped home is located on a spacious property or if you share it in a sub-division with other neighbours, you will still have the opportunity to enjoy the views along your property’s one side.

For the heart of your home

Laura Gompertz Interiors Ltd

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Not lucky enough to have your own L-shaped bungalow? How about paying homage to your favourite figure via an L-shaped kitchen instead?

Speaking of houses, let’s see these 8 materials perfect for exterior façades.

Adjusting to an l-shaped house with a backyard…

Garden Affairs Ltd

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Contrary to what you might believe, having an l-shaped backyard is a great foundation for a patio. With the shape already set for you, it's easy to insert a small patio into the l-shape of the house. Here, this home looks elegant with its cornered patio looking out onto grass.

If you're trying to decorate the yard of an l-shaped home, it's best to work with the shape, rather than against it. Allow the natural shape of the home create the look you want to achieve. Overloading the backyard could seem overwhelming. Adding more plants along the sides of the house could be a good idea —just make sure that you leave enough room for the kids to roam around.

Consider speaking to a professional if you are having trouble with the backyard of your l-shaped house.

If you're looking for ideas for an l-shaped bedroom, consider these fabulous tips for space-saving bedrooms.

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Fall in love with L-shaped house plans | homify (2024)
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