Huge AMC update! AMC is doing fantastic, and it is set for big moves!!! In this video, you will see my analysis of what data is indicating, and I will talk about AMC updates and more! AMC has huge potential; AMC to the moon!!!

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As always, stay strong and never give up! We can and will win!!!

Investing in the stock market is a good way for everyday people to make money and achieve financial freedom and financial security. All information in this video is to help educate and entertain people, nothing is financial advice as mentioned in the end of the video. Please make wise decisions.

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What is creep nation and stock shape back with another video, and this one going to be talking about the one and only AMC stock, what you should be looking after for the future I'm, also going to give you guys a very brief Christmas update, involving AMC now before I break anything down before I get into any more details.

I do have to mention a couple of things before starting: firstly, I'm, not a financial planner, taking none of this as Financial advice whatsoever, and also, if you guys can please smash the like button.

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It's loaded time offer offerings in just six days check it out before they run out with that side of the way.

Let's get on with the video AMC is clearly down right now very low compared to where it was in the past all right, and even if the market balances I'm going to make another video about this tomorrow, where I go into more details about AMC the market structure and Etc, but just remember guys the Market's closed for Christmas, it's Sunday.

It's also going to be closed on Monday and commemorence of Christmas.

So there's going to be no trading on Monday we're gonna have a day off.

I still will release a video, and then the market will reopen on Tuesday all right.

Please remember that when the market reopens there's a good chance that the market is going to continue to push the upsize we're getting some nice buyers once again, I will go into more details about some more very important technical aspects out there, and maybe this pushes AMC back to about five dollars.

Maybe we start filling this Gap up here completely fine, completely normal, but even if we do that, AMC is still going to be only in the fives which is very low compared to the all-time high and unfortunately, for January 2023 I do anticipate more downside for the markets.

Amc could fall to even lower values than where it's at right.

Now it could see the threes in 2023.

Unfortunately, it's the truth.

I know it's it's stressful, it's painful, I understand, but during this time, okay I want to actually take a step back from the markets.

Talk a little bit more about life, because AMC has taught us something.

Amc has not been a play where we instantly just came out on top and it was easy it's difficult and it tells us a lot about life.

Life is going to have difficulties, they're going to be lots of hardships in life, but the bottom line is to find success.

You must never ever quit now being Everyday People.

We are all very special and we're all very capable, no matter where we come from, because we all have the audacity the tenacity, the capability to improve ourselves on a daily basis, whether you're learning a new skill, whether you're, trying to improve in any way shape or form whether you're, trying to help one of your neighbors or a stranger.

You don't even know, that's a part of life and I believe that the AMC play.

Maybe we didn't come out on top immediately, but we still not only have the potential to do so, but it United random people in a way we've never seen before and going back on the Spy all right.

We've we witnessed crazy Market Cycles from 2020.

There was a flash crash.

There was a bull rally after that, until 2021 ended, then we saw a bear Market.

We witnessed the full cycles and we know what the market could Now do for many years to come.

We gained decades worth of experience in this market, especially if you're trying to trade during a market like this.

So look at this as a blessing look at AMC as a blessing.

Look at what it introduced into your life.

Look at what you learned, because that's what matters most all right life is a learning process.

Nobody knows everything.

We're always striving to learn.

Okay, so we never ever quit.

We do what's best for our own selves and we have to stay strong, no matter how hard things become in 2023.

You must remain optimistic during this Christmas holiday I'm, appreciating small things from a simple plate of grass outside to the trees, to Nature, to the sky, to also the people around me right, the people that surround all of us so never forget who you have in your life and if you don't have anyone you always have to remember to some degree, you always have a blessing in your life from being alive, to being able to see to being able to walk, to being able to use the Internet or even watch this video on YouTube.

There is a privilege in your life and it's these privileges that give us the opportunity to improve ourselves and do so much more than simply settling for Less.

So my message to everyone for Christmas I hope you have an amazing holiday season.

Hope you spend time with people.

You love I, hope that you remember and look back at your life, because what we did in this AMC play yeah, maybe maybe a lot of people did not become billionaires holding on to their AMC shares, but at the end of the day we gain lots of internal strength if you are still holding on if you're still buying these dips, because the dips are also privileges, they're good buying opportunities, but we learned a lot and we had more opportunities to improve and we also were able to gain more skills.

More people became better at trading understanding the markets, Market structures right.

Those are big privileges, so I'm, so grateful for everyone here.

I just wanted to say that there's a lot of warmth in this community I appreciate everyone.

I want the best for everyone.

I want good health and I believe that we have a very strong year ahead of us.

Yes, there will be hardships, but it's these hardships that make us stronger.

Never give up.

Guys have an amazing amazing.

Amazing Christmas have a very Merry, Christmas, have happy holidays and I'll, see you guys in the next one AMC to the Moon, because the long-term future is still incredibly bright and peace out.


How high is AMC expected to go? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 6 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc have a median target of 1.83, with a high estimate of 4.50 and a low estimate of 0.50. The median estimate represents a -57.75% decrease from the last price of 4.32.

Is AMC a sell or hold? ›

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc (AMC) stock is down -66.67% over the last 12 months, and the average rating from Wall Street analysts is a Sell.

How low will AMC stock go? ›

AMC Stock 12 Months Forecast

Based on 5 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for AMC Entertainment in the last 3 months. The average price target is $2.16 with a high forecast of $4.50 and a low forecast of $0.50. The average price target represents a -52.32% change from the last price of $4.53.

How high can the AMC short squeeze go? ›

More ambitious short squeeze predictions say AMC can reach upwards of $10,000 per share! Then of course, you have the strong big D energy 'apes' that say an AMC MOASS (mother of all short squeezes) will yield $100,000-$500,000 per share. All fascinating without a doubt.

Can AMC hit $1,000? ›

Currently sitting at around $8 a share, a jump to $1000 per share marks an increase of well over 5000%. This kind of growth would require a significant amount of investor confidence and capital to sustain such a high valuation and is highly unlikely in the short and medium term.

What is the prediction for AMC tomorrow? ›

Stock price target for AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. AMC are 4.38 on downside and 4.66 on upside.
Tomorrow Target 14.17
Tomorrow Target 24.31
Tomorrow Target 34.4533333333333
Tomorrow Target 44.59
Tomorrow Target 54.73

What will AMC stock be worth in 5 years? ›

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc quote is equal to 4.440 USD at 2023-07-05. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the "AMC" stock price prognosis for 2028-06-28 is 5.327 USD. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +19.98%.

What is the stock price target for AMC? ›

Consensus Analyst Price Target
TypeCurrent 7/1/22 to 7/1/231 Month Ago 6/1/22 to 6/1/23
Consensus Price Target$3.22$3.22
Predicted Upside-26.73% Downside-29.13% Downside
3 more rows

What will AMC be worth in 2030? ›

Anchor Protocol (ANC) price is expected to reach $0.1048 by 2030.

Will AMC go up again? ›

In 2024, many market watchers predict that AMC stock will be worth between $1 and $6. Private retail investors, many of whom aided AMC's significant gain in 2021, are more optimistic, with some projecting a $40 share price. Trade Tokenized Stock Futures on BTCC Now!

Will AMC go back up 2023? ›

AMC Stock Price Forecast 2023-2024

The forecasted AMC price at the end of 2023 is $6.09 - and the year to year change +50%. The rise from today to year-end: +34%. In the middle of 2023, we expect to see $5.34 per 1 AMC.

Is it good to buy AMC stock now? ›

AMC Entertainment has received a consensus rating of Strong Sell. The company's average rating score is 1.40, and is based on no buy ratings, 2 hold ratings, and 3 sell ratings.

Will AMC short squeeze 2023? ›

Estimates suggest that some $662 million worth of short interest in AMC is currently at stake. Since the beginning of 2023, short sellers have seen about $159 million in market-to-market losses. Much of these losses can be explained by an increase in short interest in AMC.

Why is AMC dropping so much? ›

AMC is likely falling because the short-term impact of converting APE to common stock would be to dilute the value of the existing stock—something that investors may be frowning upon despite its long-term potential to help ease the company's debt burden.

What stocks will boom in 2023? ›

10 Best Growth Stocks Of July 2023
  • Bank of America's Best Growth Stocks of 2023.
  • Amazon (AMZN)
  • Constellation Energy (CEG)
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG)
  • Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL)
  • Eli Lilly (LLY)
  • Match (MTCH)
  • Progressive (PGR)

Will AMC reach $10? ›

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. the most Googled stock among European countries, AMC Stock price holds the potential to recover above $10 by mid 2023. AMC share price might look for a rally to recover above $10 price level by mid 2023.

Will AMC make me a millionaire? ›

AMC Entertainment (NYSE:AMC) finished 2020 at $2.12. It finished 2021 at $27.20. To become a millionaire in 2021, you would have had to buy 36,765 shares of its stock to achieve your goal.

What is the highest AMC has ever been? ›

The latest closing stock price for AMC Entertainment Holdings as of June 23, 2023 is 4.01.
  • The all-time high AMC Entertainment Holdings stock closing price was 62.49 on June 02, 2021.
  • The AMC Entertainment Holdings 52-week high stock price is 27.50, which is 585.8% above the current share price.

What is the forecast for Apple stock? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 39 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Apple Inc have a median target of 190.00, with a high estimate of 240.00 and a low estimate of 140.00. The median estimate represents a -1.44% decrease from the last price of 192.77.

What is the stock price forecast for BBBY? ›

Stock Price Forecast

The 2 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for Bed Bath & Beyond Inc have a median target of 2.00, with a high estimate of 2.00 and a low estimate of 2.00. The median estimate represents a +628.39% increase from the last price of 0.27.

What is the stock market forecast for NIO? ›


The 30 analysts offering 12-month price forecasts for NIO Inc have a median target of 9.73, with a high estimate of 19.92 and a low estimate of 6.33. The median estimate represents a -2.75% decrease from the last price of 10.00.

What is the true value of AMC stock? ›

AMC Entertainment owns a latest Real Value of $3.17 per share.

Who invest in AMC? ›

AMCs are formed as trust in India. AMCs are firms that pools money from various investors for investing in various securities. The AMC invests the money so collected in various securities like stocks, bonds, Government securities and commodities, etc.

What will AMC be worth in 2025? ›

Long-Term AMC Entertainment Holdings Stock Price Predictions
2025$ 15.99263.52%
2026$ 30.50593.09%
2027$ 58.141,221.45%
2028$ 110.862,419.49%
3 more rows

Will AMC be bought out? ›

An Amazon acquisition of AMC is “extremely unlikely,” Wedbush analysts Alicia Reese and Michael Pachter wrote in a Tuesday note to clients, citing the cinema chain's massive $5 billion debt load.

Is AMC stock splitting? ›

As of 14 March 2023, investors have approved a 1-for-10 reverse stock split and plans to increase the total number of shares.

What happens to AMC options with ape? ›

AMC Shareholder Approve the Conversion of APEs

AMC will now be able to raise more cash to strengthen its balance sheet as well as keep its liquidity at healthy levels. One of the expected consequences of the APE conversion is the elimination of the price inequalities between APEs and AMC common shares.

What is short squeeze stock? ›

pushes the stock price higher, prompting short sellers to "head for the exits" all at once. As the shorts scramble to buy back and cover their losses, upward momentum can build on itself, causing the stock to move sharply higher. This is known as a short squeeze.

What is the short interest rate of AMC today? ›

AMC shares currently have a short interest ratio of 6.0.

What is AMC revenue in 2023? ›

In the first quarter of 2023, AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. reported global revenue of 954.4 million U.S. dollars, up 21.5 percent from 785 million dollars in the corresponding quarter of the previous year. The company is also known as AMC Theatres.

Who are the biggest holders of AMC stock? ›

The Vanguard Group, Inc. Charles Schwab Investment Management, Inc. Tudor Investment Corp.

Which is the best stocks to buy now? ›

Stocks to Buy Today
1 more row

Why do people buy AMC stock? ›

AMC Entertainment Group (AMC 2.44%) gained widespread popularity for its part in the meme stock frenzy of 2021. That's when a group of investors got together on social media forums, encouraging each other to buy AMC stock.

How long will a short squeeze last? ›

In general, short squeezes tend to last somewhere between several days and several months. There is no real “typical” length for a short squeeze, as each one is unique.

When was the last big short squeeze? ›

Short squeeze on GameStop stock

The short squeeze of GameStop Corp. (NYSE: GME) stock took place from 4 to 28 January 2021, whereby the share price skyrocketed 2701.62%, up from 4.31 to 120.75 USD per unit. This was one of the most popular short squeezes of recent decades.

When should I buy a short squeeze? ›

A short squeeze typically unfolds after a stock's been declining in price for some time. The decline in price attracts more and more short sellers looking to profit from the fall in price. At some point, considerable buying pressure begins to enter the market.

Is AMC struggling financially? ›

The company has struggled financially as consumers have returned slowly to cinemas following the COVID-19 pandemic. AMC isn't the only ailing chain.

How much is AMC in debt? ›

AMC Entertainment reported $4.94B in Debt for its fiscal quarter ending in March of 2023.
AMC Entertainment AMC:USUSD 4.94B259.1M
Cinemark CNK:USUSD 2.58B2.8M
Cineplex CGX:CNCAD 1.94B14.64M
21 more rows

Is AMC still struggling? ›

The company came back from the brink of bankruptcy in 2021 thanks to millions of retail investors who turned its shares into a meme stock. Since then, AMC has devised several plans to raise more capital to pay down its debts and invest in acquisitions, theater upgrades, a popcorn business and even a gold mine.

Which stock will double in 3 years? ›

DD's Stock Doubling in 3 years
S.No.NameROCE %
1.Titan Company25.12
2.Adani Enterp.10.09
3.Bharat Electron30.06
23 more rows

What stock will double in 2023? ›

7 Growth Stocks That Could Double Your Money in 2023
SIMOSilicon Motion Technology$54.43
PRCTProcept Biorobotics$30.18
KYMRKymera Therapeutics$28.35
2 more rows
May 14, 2023

What stocks will triple in 2023? ›

7 Hot Growth Stocks Poised to Triple in 2023
APLTApplied Therapeutics$1.55
LYTSLSI Industries$12.47
ONDSOndas Holdings$1.07
LIFEaTyre Pharma$2.08
OLPXOlaplex Holdings$3.76
2 more rows
May 5, 2023

What is a realistic AMC price target? ›

Consensus Analyst Price Target
TypeCurrent 7/1/22 to 7/1/231 Month Ago 6/1/22 to 6/1/23
Consensus Price Target$3.22$3.22
Predicted Upside-26.73% Downside-29.13% Downside
3 more rows

Will AMC survive 2023? ›

AMC remains challenging due to immense working capital deficits, high-interest costs, and chronically negative operating income. Without even more equity dilutions, AMC will likely face a liquidity crisis in 2023.

Will AMC go up 2023? ›

AMC Stock Price Forecast 2023-2024

The rise from today to year-end: +14%. In the middle of 2023, we expect to see $4.43 per 1 AMC. In the first half of 2024, the AMC price will climb to $6.57; in the second half, the price would add $1.48 and close the year at $8.05, which is +82% to the current price.

What was the highest price for AMC stock? ›

Historical daily share price chart and data for AMC Entertainment Holdings since 2013 adjusted for splits and dividends. The latest closing stock price for AMC Entertainment Holdings as of July 03, 2023 is 4.44. The all-time high AMC Entertainment Holdings stock closing price was 62.49 on June 02, 2021.

Where will AMC stock be in 5 years? ›

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc quote is equal to 4.440 USD at 2023-07-05. Based on our forecasts, a long-term increase is expected, the "AMC" stock price prognosis for 2028-06-28 is 5.327 USD. With a 5-year investment, the revenue is expected to be around +19.98%.

What is a buy rating price target? ›

A buy rating is a recommendation to purchase a specific stock. This rating implies that analysts expect the price of a stock to move higher in the short- to mid-term. A strong buy rating means that analysts believe that a stock will drastically move above its current level in the short- to mid-term.

What is Citi AMC price target? ›

In a report released yesterday, Jason Bazinet from Citigroup initiated coverage with a Sell rating on AMC Entertainment (AMC – Research Report) and a price target of $1.60.

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