2022 Trials, Tribulations, and Tuolumne FULL MOVIE | MOTO CAMPING TRIP (2023)


Annual LNSPLT moto camping trip Full Movie

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Foreign day, one of our trip, we're gonna, meet up young Vu and duck at a gas station, gonna filled up and then uh right about 70 miles to meet up with Alvin yeah should be a fun weekend.

You couldn't make it on the Strip, so he loaned his bike too tall.

What a nice guy, as you can see, I took off the turn signals for the front and converted to hand signals.

You know also took out the signals for the rear.

I think it look a lot better make sure the GoPro is on tight because it's gonna be an expensive mistake.

Foreign foreign here with his brand new bike, is what 20 22 right.

2022 yeah lowrider s, ad I got the Amazon special bags.

You know we're uh Saddleback boys now Saddleback boys, the one and only shallow, left, The Last Shadow of the group study, so [ __ ] this whole week I've been testing the bike right.

It's fine, [, __ ].

Today the start button wouldn't work.

What I got I got: [ __ ] push started: oh [, __, ], it's okay! It's fine! What's up y'all Long Live rust Daddy keep the pants alive.

You know, yeah, like I, said this whole week, I've been uh testing.

The bike make sure everything's good and this morning this bike wouldn't start check this out on nothing good morning.

So I gotta push start the bike every time now, but it's okay, look at this.

We got bags now dad dad mode activated uh.

What do you call death like I? Don't know it is? Oh look at even tall became a dad bro.

Look at this guy power walking like a dad look Honda Honda Axel is [ __ ] awesome right now it does that? Oh it does that hey! What's going on right, it does that he says mine.

Does that that's why this man's the sketchiest man in the world? This is new yeah, so I need to space this out.

I just need to open those things.

Give us a breakdown.

You can't catch a break, but it is catching break so you're wrong.

It is catching break.

Uh, explain to us.

What's going down yep we gotta, we got a bobber breakdown and it's uh.

We just got here is this: the spacing is on: let's face it right, get into space off space man.

This guy has a bagger all of a sudden.

He got freaking dad jokes, a dead hell.

Oh my God, it's official y'all we're dads, it's so tall.

What bike are you riding today? I'm riding geese bike, nice and then another real geese bike.

It's like I now know, there's a lot of things that the bike is not supposed to do like my bike.

This is too crazy here with the [ __ ] impact.

Welcome to another episode of advice from Young: hey.

What should you do? We should just take off the rear, brake and just ride yourself ready if he doesn't get it spaced out, but it's a Cowboys hitting the [ __ ], we're gonna go to uh SAC and then over to that way, you it's a hiccup full you'll make it.

This is what happens when you don't do the Shakedown.

This is what happens when you do last minute.

Well, it's just a spaces that you're good.

That's it I'll see you later that cam dude gonna go foreign foreign, foreign foreign foreign.

What's up guys, you might know me from such videos as my garage off the link right here.

Yeah the link right there stop again from Snappy snacks stack, your snacks breakfast burrito all right, so we just got to our first stop we're in uh Valencia.

How do you guys pronounce it yeah? Some people say Benicia Venezia, but I call it Venezia people call it Benicia.

Some people call it B, I, don't know! What's the plan? What's the plan right now, all right, we're gonna burn, so it's gonna be hot as [ __ ].

Thank you wait.

What happened? Young one of my gas caps fell off yeah there's his glass top fell off, but now I'm, making a makeshift yeah and I'm Gonna Fill Up from this side, but it'll probably take them all yeah.

Whatever the barber life was tough, no cap, this Rises won't this yeah.

So then I'll fill on this side.

Wait till it fills up and then do you cut the connection.

So it doesn't go back in here.

No I think if I fill on this side, because it'll balance out because it's uh, what do you call it science guys science wait? So does this cut your gas mileage in half? Then? No, because if you fill up it eventually it'll even out uh, you know: okay, okay, YouTube people, oh dude I think was that blue that passed or is this bro I waved him like I was doing [, __ ], poor performance gas cap.

Look at that yeah good thing: I bought this from the dollar.

Sir foreign.

Look at this beautiful machine haven't seen it since what July June yeah it's making its way out back and forth all the time I know you might as well have a California Plate bro y'all was here: huh I, don't think they would uh emission it.

Okay, okay, Mr, Dennis I! You look greasy I'm, gonna high-five! You look at the sweat, but I'm gonna.

Do this in slow motion? Welcome to Sacramento it's hot and stuff, yeah I'll take off my dress! Hey! Look! It's a legion! Cycles logo! Thank you.

The only thing is like do you have the curb it's more trying to access the relay yeah just try it yeah all right y'all, so we just made it to uh Dennis's house out here in Sac, uh met up with Dallas Dallas came uh down the other day from uh Washington um Sun's working on his starter right now, I think the relay may be busted uh, but yeah after this uh we're gonna start uh heading towards cherry lake.

Where we'll meet up with duck, hopefully and Terence hey did you just watched Top Gun or something huh, Tom Cruise, oh yeah, man, Need for Speed man, you're.

Looking you looking fly.

Look at this! Damn we about to go fly some Jets, oh yeah, bring back the aviators off I, know man they're actually about I was losing so about three years about three of them see that's the trick.

Guys I lose sunglasses all the time you guys all by these are three for 15 bucks.

Three 15 bucks I buy mine at the flea market.

Bro I get a hell of them hella cheap and they look like Ray-Bans, but they're Faye bands and they fall off and I don't care.

You know why, because I got another pair, you know.

Oh you guys.

Stunting Christmas see this guy looks like he has expensive, glasses, but I think they're they're prescription, so he might need to see yeah so probably can't get that at the flea market.

No, these are Warby Parker, plug that in there they're, not they're, not paying me to say that you guys should sponsor us.

I, don't know who you are, but please sponsor us we're looking for a place on your bike to pop it open.

Why are you so choppy there? Bro I? Don't get it I, don't understand it's! The life.

I live it's the life.

You live because I got cool friends, foreign I, don't want to say it um yeah I mean Prospect is overcharging.

So it's overcharging, there's 17 volts when it's running yeah, yeah 17, is was supposed to be around 13 14 15.

It's pretty accurate, thirteen five but then uh.

He said when riding centers yeah- oh regulator's, not plugged in is it it was like kind of dangly I mean.

Let's see, deploy was like halfway out.

Oh this one right here, you think.

Maybe that's why it's not starting.

No, no another shirt come on baby.

Oh foreign, the starboard is [ __ ] up and there's a club over here that was covered up.

What I did was I just chop it off with an air glider and to start the bike press it in like that that works.

You gotta finger, [, __ ] it now I gotta, take this [ __ ] off foreign foreign foreign foreign run away.

Thank you.

Thank you, foreign foreign.

We are at a swim spot right now we're about to take a dip.

We got our swim trunks underneath you stay ready.

You know you ain't, never gotta games, foreign 103 right now, [ __, ] hot.

We actually detour to this uh swimming spot right.

There are you feeling Dallas good, good nice to see everyone good to be back in the sunshine yeah Sportster.

Now he got a shovel true.

What an Su car too! You don't see that around often it was to say dude she's, not sick.

It says ride, don't die.

Really! No I don't know I bought that that's the helmet I bought up.

Then this is what happens when you don't put swim trunks on underneath your pants.

You got to stay ready.

Okay, I mean underneath your overalls.

Sorry, man, you're working man, I'm a working man, I'm ready, I'm, pretty boys.

So that's yo when your lady uh throws stuff in your bag.

For you, you know what I mean.

Apparently this guy's trying to challenge me right now.

What you got damn don't tell me: I didn't bring it though uh you can't jump.

Call me I'll! Call you out later all right.

You didn't even whip that out yeah to be continued.

That's the only fan what in this battle, but you didn't win the world she's looking for it now.

So, where my fan at you ready, yeah all right here, we go flip it and then, if you hit it twice, oh [ __ ] missed mode man.

This guy got a Miss.

Oh my God, that's legit things that only had feet.

Content do I even reflective, you're, glistening, Edward you're, so beautiful, you're, so beautiful.

So we found a kitty pool in the river over there and we're gonna.

Now look at a freaking jacuzzi bro, oh jacuzzi! Oh, let's see if there, if it's still water, you don't want to go in there.

Oh, it's pretty safe for kids.

Here ashes foreign foreign foreign just got to Angel's camp gonna find something to eat and drink s.

Would you like they're in the top of the window? I took the plates just now, but all the meats are so right, Beats yeah.

What do you think that is? Oh I'll, try it strawberry in between these two strawberry lemonade or half in here where we're at let's see Angels, Camp, okay, so we're on the 49th somewhere here uh we just came downstairs.

No one! Four! Are we on the floor? Yeah Camp, Connell, Tamarack Arnold, because we're close to uh over here? Oh damn, sit back here, so we're trying to make it over to cherry lake Sonora.

No, not Sonora, cherry lake is one eternity later I think somewhere over here.

This is a dangerous sandwich.

Cranberry, turkey put your order.

I got the classic uh, whatever that was Marina right, yeah, yeah I got the same thing.

This one looks pretty good, though what'd you get for your side, that stole Mac I, mean I, would assume it's mac and cheese, but is that the classic yeah foreign foreign foreign foreign foreign? Thank you foreign.

Thank you.

Thank you, foreign foreign, foreign foreign, all right y'all, so we just made it into Groveland it's hot, as [ __ ] we're waiting for duck right now at this Market we're gonna stop by grab some supplies.

I think the next stop is the campsite um, but yeah we're gonna go in get some beer, get some food and then hopefully get to the lake in time for swimming huh.

Oh there we go there.

We go he's swimming already swimming already, can't wait! No it's hot! It's very hot ice cream for everybody need it, foreign look who we have here.

He made it guys guys, there's a [ __ ] animal bro with the tire like that [ __ ] guy dude bro, you [ __ ] animals, some guy just pulled out.

He sees me coming, he just pulls it out and I [ __ ] went to the left lane.

Another car was good: oh [, __, ] dude just right here, dude, oh dude, [, __, ], beast hey bust it! It's always nice.

When uh remember, we joined the group.

First got to the gas station.

My [ __ ], starter, cable, [, __ ], fell out loud and touch cable, [, __ ] came off Peg yeah, my pay came off foreign foreign foreign finally got to Camp, took forever We're Gonna Roll at what 7 30.

huh 7 30., sometimes right now, God damn 12 hours, 12 hours he's like you made it dude you made it.

You made it yeah I made it foreign we're gonna, set up camp, getting super dark.

Thank you all right! We're going to buy some firewood because we need some fire.

It's dark as hell where's food.

What I have no [ __ ] crank on my reel.

What it fell out on the road? Oh God, all right.

We found the firewood got water two's enough.

Let me know if I would yeah some exception open here.

It's growing and hot for y'all.

What is that Wendy's? You guys had [ __ ] Wendy's dang yeah, pull it out of my pocket.

It's fire! What do you expect that it's Fire full? It's hotter in California, it's hotter in California.

Today's light is sponsored by Harbor Freight for just 9.99.

You can own this headlamp, oh Terrence.

What's up thanks? Oh this guy's doing some legit stuff I, see some greens look at this stuff if I need to bring anything extra ass.

What are you talking about? I'm eating cup of noodles, okay, there's a Hello Kitty cup of noodles, okay man, damn Gourmet and [ __ ].

You then short ribs to like this man got them.

Hot dogs I got I, got the hot dog buns.

Do your trick with your hot dogs pre-marinated in the bag, yeah pre-marinated in the bag.

Chopsticks are limited, okay, sure, oh I'm, putting this one in my bag, I'm keeping it forever fingers tonight, though, finger foods drink that he says: hmm I can't even see anyway.

Hey man I got a share boom I'm hugging, all that I'm trying to help you, oh yeah.

It doesn't fit on that Lizzies show everybody show everybody, it's not even cooked yet, and we got short.

Oh it's starting to burn.

You got a big one here, all right! Well we're cooking! Tonight we got that cup of noodles stir-fried, wait, young show them your cup of noodle, though this is the best.

This is the best this is Gourmet or what this one's Gourmet dude check, this out cup noodles stir fry hot chili.

Look up there! You go! Look at that! Oh look at this one.

Let me just two bites: it's like blown out! What about now? Yeah! That's better! So I got I got this! This stir fry right here, hot garlic, chicken flavor, oh damn! No added MSG I want the MSG.

They [ __ ] up all right.

Yo show me yours show them! Yours, I, don't know how he knew I like this, but he read my mind, I guess, and then it was a chemistry.

Did you get the chip, everybody? Why did you bring Chopstick for? Oh you guys making noodles because they're gonna eat it with you guys ever had this before you used to eat hot dogs with no ketchup.

This is about to like go with the flames.

Oh ASMR dude.

We got some more hold on.

Let me take let's control this fire.

First banana ketchup, [, __ ].

You then I, don't want it.

I, don't want it.

You like garlic and spaghetti uh.

It's okay, I! Think I can make it better than that.

Yeah, hey! Don't get anything! Wait! Wait! Do you put hot dogs in it, though yeah dude this man's cooking, some [ __ ] cow beans.

You know what he's talking about hot dogs.

You know what I'm eating [ __ ] first meal.

Second yeah dipping it you're gonna have to make it better: the hot dog, the Buns, the [ __ ], buns, okay, we'll let it soak in there for a little bit, Yeah dip it dip the sandwich in the hot dog.

There's no button down.

He likes to drive.

Well, you make sure I need it.

Oh man, Oh Canada, hmm yeah, all right grab your grab, your buns.

What the hell- that's cool, I've, never seen a mountain house, don't look okay, I'm trying to start lower it yeah how about that Mountain, House, chili, mac and beef? Oh chili mask the bet or one of the best ones.

Here's the button! You never taste about it! Yeah, there's some hot water in there forget about it.

For a while, then it's gonna be juicy: oh hell, yeah I'm, sure you first uh Alvin you're gonna cook yeah.

You want noodles, no, no, no hook me up with a hot dog and then yeah, damn that [ __, ] bro and then grab that and then I'm gonna set up set up how's it set up.

It's a wrap hello, suratma threat, which means good, like tasty, shut up.

I'm gonna put it on here, because, if you put it on over, there I brought a short rib first time, I'm a strawberry.

Nothing beats that with the plastic mac and cheese, though it's chili mac, the the stroganoff is good too I like the stroganoff yeah.

The lasagna is okay, that's! What's in there you know.

What's good yeah yeah, yeah yeah sponsor us, they make a blueberry.

This is that [ __ ] you eat in Space, Mountain House, but we're all over here how much for those teeth yeah when we bought uh well, no, we when I bought mine.

It was like seven bucks, a pop yeah, that's what they normally are: yeah um good morning, yeah I've been boiling.

This [ __ ], since we I left Daly City.

This way, if you like, vinegar some buttery garlic, seasoning, that's crazy turn off real, quick and turn back on and uh.

That's how sick dude? How much was it 10 bucks, my [, __ ] was 10 bucks too.

All right, oh [, __ ]! It's got the spotlight too.

Hey sponsor us.

Does it have the [ __ ] synchronization foreign late last night, so we set up drank ate some food, but morning dude early bird get the peaceful, [ __ ] I've been thinking about your bike.

This whole time too.

Oh me, too, I might remove the uh that works in the shop in Auburn, Auburn anything's, open.

The reason why he couldn't go on this trip was because he had said he had work, but that's an awesome.

He's gonna meet up with us, but I know he's, got an EVO Chopper and he might have supporters regularly sick.

What is nice? This is our setup right here, foreign.

The regulator is pretty much [ __ ].

So it's over charging the battery yeah, so we're trying to find a new regulator, but other than that, it's uh, pretty cool, and over here we have Terence bike.

He met up with us yesterday, roll from Bakersfield Dennis didn't want his bike to be alone, so he slept with it last night.

You know, keep it company and [ __ ] foreign boy sleeping naked right now too pervert damn new setup, dog, [, __ ].

This new save has a bug, uh protector, I, guess: what's it called there? You go I'm gonna get bit foreign setup, pretty cool setup, nice, color and young didn't want to be with everybody else.

You know he set up like a mile away from everybody.

He wants some privacy over here.

Oh then, you didn't put.

Did you put a cover on? No, it was too high.

You want to see the Stars last night and [ __ ], you know, I didn't even use my inflatable.

Is it rough huh? Was it rough? No, it looks softer over here in our area.

I love his head man.

Oh it's it's a nice, color, dude I know it's like brown, but it just pops up in the heartbeat that yeah it's the Chloe.

Thank you day.

Two is gonna, be a lot of writing start from Jerry Lake all the way to building that's my baby lizard.

Oh damn, baby lizard I'm a baby lizard fresh new tat yeah.

Can you tell me about your experience yesterday? Writing by yourself on the freeway? What's up how's your uh experience riding by yourself from Bakersfield? Was it hot coal? It was hot.

It was very hot Mr Bubba breakdown, Barber breakdown's back again, uh yeah last yesterday's ride was was pretty uh, tough I would say it was 109 all the way here, but I made it I, probably lost five pounds.

Tell us what happened.

Your side of the story- My Side is I, was doing some new stuff to the bike took off the wheel.

The spacing was off um, there was wobbling, then we gotta go back and if we do the spacing it took me about three hours.

It took me another four hours to get to these guys.

That was hot, and now it had some breakdowns.

Hey you shut up.

It looks like a toe, hey man, dude man, it's a kiss, Channel Dog; no, no, no toe stuck in all right, toe sucky! That's what we do yeah so that'd be [, __, ], crazy dude, but yeah long story short.

He fixed it and he met up with us.

You know that's what matters and I had some crazy breakdowns.

Coming in here, I almost died, yeah almost got hit and [ __ ] starter wire came off my brake lever brake film, my [ __ ] shifter.

Oh, you lost the [ __ ] uh brake pedal.

Then this came off while I was riding, my axle nut came loose, I felt like a shimmy.

I was like.

So what did we learn? Kids, walk.

Tie everything and don't build [ __ ] lasts a minute all right.

It's fine, don't do it.

It looks fun, but it's not.

You know you gotta, prepare this [ __ ], I! Guess when you build it three days before you got to go and no Shakedown.

Let's go.

We made it yeah, we'll uh, we'll do a full feature for this bike.

Soon, he's gonna paint it all pink, so yeah, Sparkle, pink little sparkles, yeah stars and stuff too the whole shebang.

How do you like a tent, though? No it works, whoa! Look at this mirror it's a mirror on a mirror reception.

This is Alvin's uh bike, so the cool thing about this camp spot is that the restrooms right there.

So we don't have to share in the woods all packed up and ready to go fish today, I need a new freaking real handle.

Did you see Bobby we got down to the water sure there's fish down there, though we didn't fish much so they're still down there.

You can catch them all right, how's, uh, riding the Sportster in day, one no complaints, it's like you don't have to worry about anything breaking down.

Does it make you want to get a Harley now yeah, it's cool! Oh damn! It's the first time you ever admitted that that's cool you can use your bike.

Yeah I mean that too abandon that project.

No, no I see you on a Sportster, bro, no I, don't know.

I can see.

My Chopper sports are easy.

Man yeah, easy man, easy man you just did you just gave some weight.

Dude I need these TV boys.

Oh [, __ ]! What's this hack right here dude? So if you don't want to wear a long sleeve, you just get one of these UV sleeves and you still are fresh and cool and you don't get burned.

I went to uh Virginia, City and I only got a tan from here to here, because my [ __ ] rose up.

You guys can't really see it because my tats, but so what I did? Oh [ __ ] check this out.

Bro her nice blade thick.

You got a little end here and a hammer you can uh make some Tinder.

You know swipe left swipe right.

Where can we get it amazon.com baby sponsor us? Oh damn, how's your uh new bike bro compared to the old Knights that I had this thing is it's on Rails.

It rides so nice.

The suspension on it's really good um I mean I, can't complain.

Dude uh, there's a couple of things that I did to it from the last road trip that I went on last week to make things a little bit better I had one of those Cafe fairings that show us that was man.

It was so I ended up picking up this uh Memphis Shade, and so the Memphis Shade blows the wind over my face.

Instead of into my face, because I was riding like this, that was horrible.

So now it's a lot more comfortable.

We got the bassani two to ones um first mod because it sounded like ass from the factory.

It sounded like this here, like The Jetsons, like that put the put the little gif there.

So it sounds like a man now yeah.

It sounds like a man now and I got some saddlebags amazon.com and then I changed up the seat to a saddleman.

After all those miles, it's very comfy now when I first got it, it was hard.

Now it's hella confusing.

We broke it in pretty much broke it in.

Oh damn, new helmet new helmet.

You know, oh got the pack talk slim.

This thing is clutch man.

If you guys ever wonder like yo, is it worth it hell yeah, it's worth it, but what is it so? Basically, it's a Bluetooth, it uh comes with JBL speakers.

You can link it up with other um devices and you guys can talk to each other on road trips, because I have like the bigger bike.

I have the phone mount um I'm, usually like in the back or in the front.

So it's easier to talk to, like you know, people in the chain um the music's actually pretty loud on here, but not loud enough or you can't hear surrounding noise, but yeah it works out, really well.

I love it and I can call and talk to my mom.

You know yeah.

So this is a gauge Mount from Harry Customs.

Usually the gauge Mount is a 3D printed huh yeah, it's 3D printed, so I got the thrashing risers because the original stock location for this was on top of here and it was hella ugly and you can't really change out.

The Riser got this from Harry Customs.

It just bolts right into the stock location and then uh.

These are the stock bars also and then I just did the thrash in uh six and a half inch risers with their thrashing bar bag dude all right! That's it that's same one over here we got the OG chip, OG Ross Mammy, just kidding, that's Daddy! I! Don't want to film this [ __ ] man.

Don't say that man you represent for all the metrics out there.

Oh yeah! That's right! That's right! Don't forget to wear your sunblock kids attention to run Lindsay this guy's exhaust.

If you're Filipino I'm the ass one, all right we're about to get ready to head out.

We had a long ride today, what we get pickled eggs.

So that's our that's our uh your first time at building huh, yeah, nice, you're, gonna love it bro, I'll, show you where Sun laid down and did snow angels.

While looking at the stars, I'll show you the spot and I'll show you where Paul lost his keys, that dumbass I threw up all the great spots.

It's dad's fault, bro, how's, the bike running dude, no, always good, always good, always good.

It's really good! This guy has a special badge.

We usually we usually give out badges.

He has the second motor badge right.

So yeah, it's like a motor badge.

He rolled so hard, but the first one blue, yeah, yeah, riding hard, clean, ass, helmet and then all of a sudden people, No One's Gonna See, the top of it.

Everybody will see it now.

Everybody will see it now, how's your first night camping.

It was great.

It was great good guys, still refresh too much time in the city, though, what time did we get? In last night how's the ride in uh we got in right before sun was setting, the sun was standing.

We were scrambling to put up the tent, but we got in got some good food in oh yeah.

We did this freaking Chef right here, bro holy [, __ ].

Thank you, Trader Joe's, sponsor us sponsors, Peter Jones.

It's not a bobber breakdown, though bird breakdown on the man himself last night, he said no [, __ ] mercy, so no [, __, ] Mercy.

What happened? My seatbelt came out, how you gonna put it back in I.

Don't know? Oh man! Oh you don't know yes, I gotta sit down and think about it.

Damn I was just about to use that [ __ ] line.

What a guy yeah take a seat figure it out, I, think yeah, I, guess I gotta like lift it up or something do you have a screwdriver yeah? Oh the thing, yeah yeah, because if you don't have a screwdriver I think he might be screwed.

Are you guys trying to be like me? Oh my God foreign.

Thank you, foreign foreign foreign foreign, who are we with here today? Who are we here with today son? So what happened? Son? Well, that's a lot of things.

First, the regulator is [ __ ] up, so we're charging the battery okay, unplug the regulator uh-huh and then the Barry died, but now it feels like.

Oh it's not getting fuel.

Oh, so we open up the carts just to squirt and see if there's a squirt gas interesting.

It looks like he's not in charge anymore.


What's going down, you see, I got a lot of tools.

Man! What's going down Sun's, having problems with his regulator since I got a Magneto, we're gonna, take my regulator off of my bike.

Put it on his.

That sounds magnificent, not a bad place to work on your bike, though right yeah, it's gorgeous got lucky with the spot.

Yeah! Oh! So what happened? How'd you know uh something was going down.

Your bike turned off.

Yeah shut off your bike said: I had enough of this, so we swapped over uh got us regulator, yeah, and it fits good thing.

It's a big twin twinning, pretty damn so just trying to push Target yeah all right come on we're just rolling down the hill me and my friend Dallas grandma huh, oh crap, I lost momentum.

[ __ ] tall.

This is like when you're snowboarding good afternoon good morning.

You know it.

Thank you all right guys.

A little update.

The ICM took a [ __, ] yeah.

So there's no way we can get back on the road.

We try everything we swapped over a new battery new regulator, but no spark so we [ __ ], so pretty much.

The guy's gonna continue and I'm going home, guys I'm going home, but who's gonna take over with the uh, the vlogging and stuff like that.

So you guys will still have somebody to watch we'll have content, yeah, I'm gonna go home and cry I'm gonna drop a pin right here.

Just so I can um buy you lunch bro.

Thank you, sir got some everything.

Nuts I'll see you next year, safe travels, yeah, finding an ICM.

Thank you all right see you guys later ride safe, see you later bro yep, all right, you gotta stay hydrated, yeah I got water and nuts water yeah.

Who knows how long it'll you'll be okay cool.

Thank you I'm, going to where there's water.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you all right! Guys, update operation, save Sun, we know Operation Safe son.

What's the plan uh well, I found a flyer on the side of this gas station for uh mofo men, MC they're in town, I'm, gonna, stop by there Clubhouse and see if they got Parts.

All right sounds like a good idea: Duck's on the phone for backup plan, something to fit a motorcycle.

We have a friend, that's stuck on the mountain.

Currently yeah pick it up and try to bring it back downtown, try to fix it and stuff all right.

Just a little update, everybody went to town to uh, either get ports to fix the bike or to get a truck.

So me and Tall just uh chilling.

Here we found a pretty cool Trail down there, where you can broke down pretty much so we're gonna go down explore to be honest, it's not a bad place to break down foreign gets you lemon.

You make a lemonade, I guess so we're stuck at this place, but I think we found this place called God's bath.

That we've been trying to find for the longest time all right.

Yes, so we're gonna go Explorer, fine, solid footage, yeah yeah! We just scaled down all the way up there, oh foreign, so that's the bridge that we were stopped on son's bike is like right.

There, somewhere and check out this all right time to climb back up, going back up was uh a lot easier than going down, but a lot more tiring all right.

So we just went down the hill um Dennis and Dallas were able to uh Source uh um a points ignition system he's gonna change it out uh.

Who was the one that uh hooked you up with that point? Uh Pat's machine shop, Pat's machine shop and souls reveal shout out to Pat's machine shop.

You guys saved us, you guys saved son, so right now we're in the shade again that changed out.

You guys need motorcycle parts.

Oh man, motorcycle parts delivered to the woods damn cash on delivery.


This guy is making money it's low, so we're gonna put that and this on the bottom of the coil, together with the uh with the wire that Genesis hooking up, that's yeah all right here.

We need you to see that right there.

Let me fix that out: small fingers too.

There you go I hate it all right start that [ __ ] joked laughs.

Let's not kill the juice fire yeah, okay, hit it all right.

Dallas uh, explain to us what went down what happened.

I, don't know: okay watch the video um, so we went to town and Dennis found a place uh.

We saw a flyer for a swap meet next week or something then it's called the number to get a hold of some people and we ended up going down to some guy's machine shop and he had a bunch of Harley parts.

We bought a a points points coil, uh, Advanced unit, installed it onto the bike.

Disassembled all the electronics and then we put a new uh breaker in yeah and uh should be all good to go.


We took a bunch of parts off my bike.

Let's go.

Let's go look at that: let's go look at that one! So here's what's left of my bike, this Parts bike right here, I have I.

Have this empty space right here where there used to be a voltage regulator which is now on son's bike um this empty space right here and these wires hanging out where there used to be a battery for my lights and now I just have wires and empty space.

Looking for him, you're running the battery still um so I won't have lights, but I have this so my bike will run Magneto Morris Magneto thanks for coming with us Parts bike yeah.

This is the new parts bike when I get home.

Hopefully I have enough parts to go for a ride, breakdowns and I'm here with duck.

What happened? Bro I, don't know, looks like a battery problem.

Your boy came up short breakdowns and we're back here with young.

What's the problem y'all he's running on one cylinder man, it looks like it's a carb issue.

He must be flooded with disappointment.

What's going on Terence, nothing much it's a beautiful day to you know, take a nap foreign foreign, my bird breakdown I'll.

Let him explain: what's going on I, don't know.

What's going on, I'm Delirious take a look here.

This is ignition bad timing, dude exactly one more time foreign duck got into an accident drop his bike and [ __ ] up his ankle.

So he's gonna pick him up first and then he's gonna pick me up and then that's all.

She wrote for this trip with the short, but you know [ __ ] happens, that's part of game, so yeah I, uh I'm, a gas station Bear, Creek, Station I got food water and then I found an outlet right here, so I'm good foreign.

How many bikes are you here to pick up? Well, I, don't know how many bikes need help, but then uh tonight where's uh where's, the dentist and uh huh.

They all went back to Dennis house yeah, we're all going back to Dad's house.


That makes sense me too they're going to Copperopolis right here.

He was laying there Doug I thought this Pokemon was [.

__ ] I made it my bike made it I mean as far as they did yeah all I gotta do is I went like 50 miles today to be honest if I pee here.

That means that I was here.

Corporate all right foreign, it sucks pretty bad ow, even more owls, okay uh, which side left right, uh I, think we'll do left side, because the pegs pigs are all [, __, ], okay, let's try it might get stuck so you can.

Someone have to buy a jacket up.

We got a.

We got a wheel, chalk too.

If you want to put on the road talk, but then we're gonna have to move the bike again when uh, when we get Sun's bike up there, okay, I think I.

Think it's a wheelchair.

This bike looks heavier hey the brakes.

You want to lift the ramp up.

Are you trying to bike up I think we should lift the ramp yeah yeah.

So whoever is good, strong, come down here and I'll come up here and hold the brake, but like for these, what did he use? Okay, we're gonna, lift the ramp.

I could lift I can help you.

Oh you want to go behind here then, like that dude we've been lit the rear yeah, so it drains out I didn't I didn't realize.

Is it leaking or anything everything is freaking nice.

Do you have no straps for both lighting stuff, yeah yeah? We do so I think we should position this now.


Don't need to worry about later, since everybody's here well, you're gonna have to Loop it into his wheel later, since yesterday yeah it's easier, Mike's loaded up.

Where are you uh onto your next Heat uh? We're gonna go get our other friend because we're Captain saber Bros today huh green foreign foreign yeah, but there's no way to get your bike up there.

Oh you want to use the ramp to get.

Actually you could do that yeah it'll be easier down again.

One continue all right, lock and loaded park inside foreign, oh he's, [ __ ] lit one eternity later before the ride home come on get in line, get in line you cattle get in line you, cattle, foreign, haha, foreign foreign foreign.

Thank you, foreign.

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