13 Best Prefab Cabins And How Much They Will Cost You (2024)

The allure of a cozy cabin nestled in nature is undeniable. But the challenges of traditional construction, from escalating costs to extended timelines, can be daunting.

If you’ve been searching for a solution that addresses these pain points while still offering the charm of a personalized home, prefab cabins might be your answer.

The business of prefab cabin homes has opened up a world of opportunities for anyone looking to build a cabin home on a budget. With several manufacturers and models, you can pick from this curated selection of the best prefab cabins that suit your style and budget.

This guide explores the wonderful world of prefab cabins you can buy starting at just $7,000!

What are Prefab or Modular Cabins?

Prefab cabins consist of several sections shipped to your location and constructed on-site. Depending on the model’s size, you can have them shipped in one piece or multiple sections for assembly.

Various sizes and styles of prefab cabins are available, which also varies in price. Most prefab cabin manufacturers offer customization to enable home buyers to create the home they want and to suit the buyer’s needs.

If you want to save money when building a home and need it done faster, it’s worth considering a prefab cabin.

Top 13 Prefab & Modular Cabins You Can Buy Right Now

Are you shopping around for a prefab cabin for your new home? Look no further because here is a list of the best prefab cabins you can buy right now.

1. Ozark Prefab Cabin – Lancaster Cabins

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The Ozark prefab cabin from Lancaster Cabins is a log cabin that is available for a price of $55,900. The floor layout includes a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. There is also extra space for the living room or extra bedroom. The 325 sq ft prefab log cabin kit includes a porch with a roof overhang.

Ideally, the Ozark prefab cabin can serve as a tiny home. But it also works well as a vacation home or vacation rental. While this kit offers 325 sq ft of living space, there are more size options at varying price points.

2. Hyg.ge – CABN

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The Hyg.ge prefab model is a modern cabin offering 1,120 sq ft of living space. This cabin has three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and plenty of storage space.

Make your dream cabin home come true with the unique and artistic Scandinavian design. Aside from its architectural elements, the Hyg.ge cabin boasts smart home capabilities, solar-powered roofing, and floor heating. This cabin is equipped to enable its homeowners to live life on or off the grid.

While these features sound impressive, be prepared to pay good money for this cabin as it is available at a starting price of $399,000.

3. Canmore – Summerwood Products

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The Canmore cabin from Summerwood offers various size options starting from 72 sq ft to 1,200 sq ft. As such, you can also find cabins at varying price points with the smallest cabin size priced at $7,196. The price applies to the pre-assembled cabin kit, but you can get a precut kit that requires on-site assembly for a lower price of $6,221.

The cabin has a small porch, an overhang, and 8-ft walls. This kit has numerous customization options, such as finishing the pine floors, upgraded siding, and vinyl windows and doors. You can even choose the material for the cabin for a custom price.

4. The Rockwood – Zook Cabins

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The Rockwood prefab cabin from Zook Cabins is another modern option for those looking for prefab cabin kits. It is your tiny luxury home with a starting price of $132,500. The prefab cabin comes pre-assembled and ready to deliver at your desired location.

The prefab cabin kit offers 400 sq ft of living space. It also boasts high-end finishes, which includes modern kitchen appliances like a refrigerator and microwave. It also features a sleek modern design and a sloped roof. The front porch provides adequate outdoor living space.

The quoted price for The Rockwood cabin already includes the delivery fee. But the price can vary depending on the distance of your location.

5. Trillium – Node

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The Trillium prefab cabin kit from Node is a modern and eco-friendly unit. The manufacturer is a serious advocate of sustainability, so they ensure that their prefab cabin lines use only non-toxic materials. They have also integrated energy-efficient systems into each cabin, such as a rainwater collection. Therefore, the Node’s Trillium series is an excellent choice for anyone looking to live off the grid.

The prefab cabins from Node feature state-of-the-art construction technology that allows the cabin to last up to 100 years! The Trillium cabins are available in four size options. It is available for a starting price of $150,000.

6. K3 – Kithaus

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The K3 cabin kit from Kithaus is a modern cabin that has a starting price of $32,000. This cabin kit measures 132 sq ft, which makes it suitable for an extra cabin or as a guest house. The largest kit measures 13’ x 13’ and the floor layout includes a bathroom and a small kitchen. The largest model starts at $60,000.

The K3 models feature aluminum framing and can choose from natural cement or corrugated siding. All K3 models include interior walls, high-quality windows, and insulation. Additional customization options, such as decks, hardwood flooring, and HVAC, are subject to each customer’s preference.

7. The Studio Cabin – Westwood

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The Studio cabin from Westwood is a prefab kit priced at $65,000. It has a cottage-like style suitable for a country or farmhouse setting. You can choose from three sizes available starting at 254 sq ft. The biggest kit offers 336 sq ft of living space.

Even the smallest cabin has a small kitchen and a bathroom with a toilet and shower. Additional features, such as a laundry space, are available for the larger kits. The basic features available across all unit sizes are vinyl plank flooring, wood siding, pine interior, and wood cabinetry. High-end upgrades are available for the Studio cabin for a custom pricing.

8. Koto Abodu Prefab Small Cabin

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The Koto Abodu prefab cabin is an excellent choice for anyone looking for prefab cabins. These small prefab cabins cost less than $200,000 and are available within two weeks. The pre-assembled cabin also comes complete with high-end furniture and appliances.

The design of the Koto Abodu prefab cabin blends California’s coastal influences with Koto’s breakthrough designs. The interior is timeless and elegant. It is built with glass walls that seamlessly transition from the interior to the outdoor space.

9. Bala Bunkie – Summerwood Products

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The Bala Bunkie prefab cabin from Summerwood Products ranges in price from $11,321 to $58,121. It is a two-story prefab cabin made of cedar wood. The standard kit measures 100 sq ft, but you can get more living space because of the two-story layout.

The Bala Bunkie prefab cabin comes in numerous size options with the smallest one priced at $11,321 (a pre-assembled cabin). You can get the prefab kit for $9,746 but you must consider the additional cost of building the cabin on-site. The largest kit is available for $58,21 (pre-assembled version). You can customize the details of the cabin kit to include interior finishes, pine flooring, and an extra loft space.

10. Plymouth Log Cabin – Zook Cabins

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The Plymouth prefab cabin from Zook Cabins is your quintessential log cabin home. Five size options start at 364 sq ft and the largest unit at 624 sq ft. The smallest cabin contains one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a loft. The largest cabin has two bedrooms, one bathroom, and two lofts.

A distinctive feature of the Plymouth log cabin is the steep gabled roof. It is a practical design choice for those who live in areas with heavy snowfall. Depending on your budget, you can customize the interior details, such as the flooring and bathroom interior. All Plymouth log cabin kits include plumbing, electrical wiring, and insulation.

The starting price for this prefab cabin is $163,300.

11. The Elk – Deer Run Cabins

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The Elk prefab cabin kit from Deer Run Cabins is a pre-built and pre-assembled kit with the option between a one- or two-bedroom layout. You can choose from various size options ranging from 14 x 28 feet to 14 x 48 feet.

This cabin kit includes a covered porch and lots of living space. Other key features of the Elk cabin are the enamel metal roof, insulated windows, and pine walls and ceilings. The starting price for the Elk prefab cabin is $38,808 but prices can go up to $93,900.

12. The Caribou – Deer Run Cabins

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The Caribou prefab cabin kit from Deer Run Cabins is ideal for those looking for a large home. This kit comes in one- or two-bedroom configurations and has a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. You can customize the Caribou cabin kit to suit your preference, but additional costs will be involved.

Before you have the cabin kit delivered to your location, it is essential to build the foundation first. The Caribou prefab cabin features white pine walls and ceilings. It also has energy-rated windows, plumbing and electrical systems, and a metal roofing. The cabin sizes range from 392 sq ft to 728 sq ft, so you’ll have several options to suit your required space.

13. Sierra Prefab Log Cabin – Lancaster Log Homes

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The Sierra prefab log cabin kit from Lancaster Log Homes is available for $73,000 upward. It features a unique step-down design and up to 400 sq ft of living space. The cabin provides one bedroom, one bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. There is also a covered porch.

Another distinctive feature of the Sierra cabin kit is the gable roof on the front. The back portion of the cabin comes with flat roofing. Each cabin kit has an AC and heating unit, making it livable in any season.


Are prefab cabins worth the investment?

If you’re on a budget, yes. Prefab cabins cost up to 20% less than a traditional home, especially a new construction. The cost varies for a prefab cabin model but it takes only a few weeks to build for larger homes. Smaller prefab cabins can be shipped in one piece to save you from the hassle and labor.

You can have endless customization options, as you would when building a new home. The ability to customize the layout and design provides added flexibility that makes it a worthy investment.

Does prefab save money?

The upfront cost of buying prefab cabins is lower than it would cost to build a traditional home. So, yes, it helps you save money.

But there are additional cost savings and benefits offered by prefab cabins. For example, easy assembly can save up to 50% of the project timeframe. The faster it is to build the cabin, the more you can save on the labor costs. It also requires fewer workers on-site to assemble the cabin on-site, especially if you have a simple design.

What is the lifespan of a prefab cabin?

Prefab manufacturers abide by strict guidelines to ensure the quality of the materials and the prefab structure. On average, prefab cabins can last up to 50 years. But factors like foundation type, material quality, and location can affect its lifespan.

Is modular better than prefab?

A lot of times these terms are used interchangeably. However, some manufactures have differences and there are benefits and drawbacks for each option. Prefab cabins are advantageous for its ease of assembly and portability, which means you can build it in any location. Modular buildings offer more flexibility in design than prefab units that are pre-designed for you (although some manufacturers offer customization options).

Both modular and prefab units meet HUD codes to ensure the quality and stability of each structure. Therefore, it depends on your budget and preference.

Is prefab the future?

Prefab cabins are revolutionizing the construction industry with their many benefits over traditional construction methods. However, it won’t necessarily replace traditional construction. But it is good that home buyers looking for cheaper alternatives have this option and flexibility.

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Should You Buy Prefab Cabins?

Prefab cabins are a practical and economical choice for anyone who wants to build a home in a short amount of time. The cost of prefab cabin kits is also more affordable compared to traditional new home construction. Explore the options available here for prefab cabin kits to find the best one for your budget and needs.

13 Best Prefab Cabins And How Much They Will Cost You (2024)
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